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Lesser Known Facts About Donald Trump's Ex-Wife Marla Maples

Most everyone knows that Marla Ann Maples is an American actress who was married to Donald Trump for six years in the 90’s. Other common knowledge regarding the star is the fact that she appeared on Dancing with the Stars, and that she is the mother of Trump’s daughter Tiffany. There are however some very interesting lesser known facts concerning Ms. Maples. Read on!

1. She was crowned Homecoming Queen.

In 1981, Marla Maples was crowned Homecoming Queen of Northwest Whitfield High School in Tunnel Hill, Georgia - (Source: Wikipedia). 

2. She is an author.

Marla Maples is the author of two memoirs, namely All That Glitters Is Not Gold and It’s About Time. Unfortunately, neither of these has made it to print as of yet due to various [personal] reasons.

3. She follows a strict Kosher diet.

According to various sources, Ms. Maples is a Christian who in contrast chooses to follow a Kosher diet and keep the Jewish Sabbath.

4. She is a singer.

Very few people realize that Marla is not only an actress but a singer as well. She has released over fourteen songs to date and an album known as The Endless, in 2013.

5. She chose not to remarry.

Donald Trump was Marla’s first and only husband. In fact, Ms. Maples has been very secretive and vague throughout the years regarding any relationships she might have had. The only real public relationship she has been in since her divorce was with The Bachelor star, Andy Baldwin back in around 2008.

6. Her favorite animal is an eagle.

In an interview with Olivia Nuzzi from The Daily Beast, Marla’s publicist Elissa Buchter admitted that she (Marla) is “very into eagles”. She also wears a golden eagle pendant around her neck, therefore I think it is quite safe to assume that her favorite animal is indeed an eagle, which is very unique in that so many celebrities normally go with plain and conventional animals as their choice of favorite.

7. She has a lifestyle website.

Marla Maples recently launched a website (which you can visit by clicking on this link), on which you will find everything from her shared experiences to shared recipes.

8. She doesn’t believe in luck.

Marla Maples is not really a big believer in luck and is more into the belief of fate. She was quoted as saying, “I’m not a big believer in a thing called luck. I believe it has a lot to do with fate and just really having a vision of the way you see your life”.

9. She had recurring nightmares as a child.

In the same interview with Olivia Nuzzi mentioned above, Marla Maples confessed to having recurring nightmares of convicted killer Charles Manson coming to murder her as a child.

10. She can be a bit extravagant at times.

Although she follows beliefs that exercise moderation, Marla has been known to be quite extravagant at least once or twice in her life. A good example of this being her six-foot-tall wedding cake, which was designed/made by celebrity cake baker, Sylvia Weinstock for her (Marla’s) nuptials with Donald Trump.And there you have it, ten of the lesser known facts regarding Marla Maples.Debbie Nel