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9 Delicious Dishes Made With Rose Petals

February is the month of ‘love-ria’. It starts right from the Rose Day and celebration continues until 14th February. This is the month where the couples take out their boat of love and sail in the ocean of dreams. However, there are also some for whom the sailing is going without a partner. No need to be sad! Contrary to the popular belief, all the days related with the oozing sense of love are not only for your better half! They are for anyone and everyone whom you love. That means you too!That journey of love begins with the Rose Day celebrated on 7th February each year. The norm is to gift a rose to the person you love. This year, let’s change the game with food.Here are some delicious dishes made with rose petals that will help you in pouring out your feelings of love. This year celebrate the Rose Day with food and add an inimitable memory in your beautiful life.

1. Rose Harissa

On a roasting tray spread sliced tomatoes along with chili and garlic. Then drizzle, salt, pepper, and olive oil on the tomatoes. Roast for an hour, keep for an hour inside the oven and keep aside. Once it is cool, remove the seeds from the chilies. Blend it with the garlic. Then blend again after adding paprika, coriander, and cumin. Also, add salt and pepper.Then add the tomatoes, sugar, rose water, and rose petals. Blend properly into a thick mixture. And, transfer into a bowl by adding red wine vinegar. Stir and add some olive oil. Stir some more, and the deliciousness is ready. Pack it in a beautiful glass jar and decorate the outside with small paper hearts.

2. Rose & Almond Ice Cream

Mix cornflour with milk and keep aside. Then boil milk in medium flame and add the cornflour mixture along with sugar. Keep cooking for about 8 minutes. Do not forget to stir continuously. Let it cool and then add fresh cream. After that, add crushed rose petals, rose essence and chopped almonds. Pour the mixture into a container and freeze for 6 hours. Take out and blend, sprinkle some almonds then again refrigerate for 10 hours. Serve your partner with a special message of love.

3. Crystallised Rose Petals

Use a fork to lightly beat the egg white. Brush it on the surface of rose petals properly. Let it dry for 3 hours and then store in a tin. Make sure to decorate the tin before gifting.

4. Raspberry Rose Mocktail

Heat sugar with water then rose petals in the syrup. Blend raspberries with a little bit of milk and keep aside. Strain both the syrup and raspberries separately. Put the raspberries in a glass, then pour the rose syrup. Keep in fridge for 20 minutes. Garnish with some rose petals and raspberries before serving the lovely drink.

5. Rose & Earl Grey Tea Latte

Heat sugar with water, then put rose petals. Let it boil then strain and keep the syrup aside. Take Earl gray tea and put the boiled rose petals. Then boil for over 5 minutes and strain. Mix the syrup with milk and then keep whisking.Pour the tea into the cup and then add the whisked milk. Place two rose petals before serving. A tasty way to spice up the game at Rose Day.

6. Rose Petal Jam

Boil rose petals in water, then save the water and set aside the petals. Add lemon juice and sugar to the water then boil. Then again add the petals and keep boiling. Make sure that it forms a paste. Store in a jar, decorate the jar, and gift.

7. Chocolate Bark with Rose Petals, Pistachios, & Walnuts

Boil water and place a pot above it. Put the dark chocolate and melt it. Make sure it melts completely without any lumps. Line up parchment paper and pour the chocolate in an even later. Sprinkle chopped pistachios, walnuts, and rose petals. Refrigerate for about 3 hours. It will be hard and cool. Cut into small pieces and store for 2 weeks. Your partner will be reminded of your love every time you take a bite of the bark.

8. Arabian Rose Patel Pudding

Take cornstarch, milk powder, sugar, water, rose petals and rose water in a bowl. Whisk properly and then place over medium heat. Keep cooking until it boils for few minutes. Then remove from heat and let it cook. Pour in small shot glasses and garnish with rose petals and dust sugar.

9. Rose Sandesh

Boil milk and then add lemon juice. Cook in low flame and keep stirring continuously. Strain the mixture and drain the water. Combine the cottage cheese with powder sugar, rose essence, rose sherbet and rose petals. Mix properly. Then blend in a mixture using a little milk. Take out the dough like element and divide into small portions. Then make them into small balls and then flatten using the thumb. Garnish with finely chopped pistachios, rose petals, and almonds. Let your special one enjoy your touch of love.