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Here's What Bigg Boss 10 Contestants Have To Say About Manveer Gurjar's Controversial Marriage

Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar is presently hogging all the limelight after winning the show against rough and tough VJ Bani J. However, his victory did not go down well with him as just a day after the grand finale, the winner Manveer landed himself in a bowl of controversies over his supposed marriage.From the time Manveer Gurjar entered the Bigg Boss 10 house to the time he won it, his relationship status had always been the talk of the town. To all the uninformed, Manveer's wedding videos and snaps went viral recently, which he claims are false.Well, when Manveer's Bigg Boss 10 friends and co-contestants like Lopamudra Raut and Manu Punjabi were asked about the whole fuss surrounding his marriage, they reacted in an exclusive manner.So, here's what all his friends have to say about his supposed marriage.

Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar gets stuck into controversies a day after winning.

Manveer Gurjar's wedding video recently got leaked on social media, which he claims is not true. But that leaked video wasn't enough, another news came up that shifted the complete focus of his fans.

Moreover, we got to hear that Manveer is also a father of a 5-year-old girl, Bidisha.

Ever since the news came, Manveer and his family are trying to give explanations about the whole hidden marriage thing and are denying the reports of him being married.

And, all this while we all thought about his increasing closeness towards Nitibha Kaul.

However, we thought that Manveer Gurjar is interested in Nitibha Kaul but this whole fuss arose and shocked not only us but many of his fans and co-contestants. And this is how the other members of Bigg Boss 10 reacted towards his hidden marriage.Read also: New love birds of Bigg Boss 10 house

When Manu was asked if he was aware of Manveer's marriage, he replied....

"Look, what can you do to someone (Read: Manveer) who has already decided what to say and do in the show? We were all playing a game and Manveer had his own set of cards,” and then further added, “No, Manveer did not tell even me that he has a wife. If he had told me, it would have been captured by the cameras and Colors wouldn’t have edited spicy stuff. I would like to comment on his wedding but not before I have checked with him. ”

When Manveer's close friend Nitibha was asked, she reacted by saying...

“I don’t want to talk anything about Manveer’s wedding for now. I will talk at some later date. For now, I can only say that I was not involved with him.”And Nitibha's friend further stated, "Listen, Nitibha is shocked. She won’t talk right now. Please don’t push her to say anything. She will definitely spill the beans on Manveer when the time is right, and she wants to.”

This is what Lopamudra Raut said regarding Manveer's hidden marriage...

"It is very shocking to know that Manveer is married. I thought he was an honest person but hiding something so big like marriage is beyond comprehension. Is he ashamed of his marriage that he was hiding it? There is nothing in my life I am ashamed of. I am very proud of myself and my past. I am the product of my experiences, good and bad, and I am not ashamed of it at all. Manveer always projected himself as a real person 'main toh sacha hu, achha hu, toh kyu jhoot bolna jab shaadi hui hai' and I was really shocked on hearing this news.”

The infamously famous Priyanka Jagga said...

”I am very scared for his wife. I hope she is fine in all this mess. I am shocked to see Manveer ki Shaadi ka video. It’s all out there. I distinctly remember that he had told us in the house that he had run away from his wedding mandap. I think he smartly manipulated his victory, by wooing female fans with his single status."

Although, we are unsure about Manveer's exact relationship status.

We still hope people would be little judicious if a small child is involved in the whole scene.For more updates, stay tuned as we'll be shortly back with an official clarification from Manveer's side.