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Sexist And Hilarious Dating Tips For Women From 1938

Many of us are given dating advice by our friends and sometimes by our parents when we are meeting a guy for the first time. Gestures are tutored and dressing is organized. We are taught what things should be said and what not. Although in today's date the best thing is to be free and express yourself, there was a time when women were expected to be more than disciplined. In other words, they not only had to respect their dates/partners but also obey them.The following pictures show some of the guidelines of a good behavior which were published by the Parade Magzine in 1938. The remarks might seem a bit sexist but don't be too quick to judge. Since all of these remarks help a lady to groom herself into a classic woman, who should know how to keep a man intrigued.

#1. Lol! As against today's rule: 'Let your man wait.'

#2. What we think today is that the men keep their handkerchief only for ladies' use and not for their own.

#3. Yeah, like your man is your God! That was so wrong.

#4 And if a woman wants to talk then?

#5 No comments

#6. Instead that is a way of making someone comfortable!

#.7 It means that the 'puppy face' tradition has started just a few years ago.

#8. Do not even spend a single second talking with someone else.