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Kendall Jenner Is Over Harry Styles, And This Is What She Has To Say...

Kendall Jenner is over Harry Styles!In fact, she won't even go back to dating her Prince Charming again even if he begged her. We heard a friend say that Kendall is never going to go back to Harry. But why?We have indeed seen Kendall getting hot and heavy with her new BAE A$AP Rocky and oh, Jordan Clarkson. But Harry was her all time favorite. 

The 21-year-old hottie has spilled it out. 

She is not going back to what broke her. 

Harry and Kendall were long time lovers. They showed us the love. 

But it turns out that the two have parted ways. 

We got the spill that something happened backstage at the VIP area, and they completely ignored each other. Although, they were pretty close. 

 Ouch, that hurts, right?

Adding to the awkwardness, Harry, 22, has recently been seen with a hot brunette mystery woman on his arm.