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The Traditional, NASA Space Suit Just Got A Makeover

Boeing unveiled the new blue space suit for their astronauts. The suits will be used to travel on CST-100 Starliner Capsule.The Boeing Blue space outfit is lighter, flexible and more comfortable compared to the old bulky suits. The spacesuit is made with new technology and will protect the astronauts during both launch and re-entry from and into the Earth's atmosphere.Chris Ferguson showed off the new blue spacesuit. Let us take a look at the grab and its features.

Chris Ferguson checks the new Starliner spacesuit.

The suit is more flexible and is perfect custom fit for every astronaut as it has new joint patterns.

It is light weighted.

Comparing with NASA's old spacesuit, this one is much lighter as it weighs only about 20 pounds, which is 40 percent less than the previous ones.

The suit consists of a zipper helmet.

The Starliner spacesuits have a hoddie like helmet, and a wide polycarbonate visor for expanded vision.

"The suit is simple and form-fitting," said astronaut Eric Boe.

He also said that complicated systems have more ways in which they can break, so simple ones are always good. 

Sporty space boots and touch screen gloves.

The suits feature boots from Reebok, and the gloves are touch screen compatible for taking space selfies and pictures.

The new suits will come in different designs, sizes, and shapes.

"If everything goes right on the mission, then you'll not need a spacesuit," said Chris Ferguson. So Boeing blue suits which are meant to worn by astronauts a just a backup strategy.