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Chinese Man Trapped In India: Talks With His Brother For The First Time In 54 Years

It has been 55 years since India-China war took place, but some people are suffering from the turmoil till now. These stories are of people who are still alive, but they are not with their families. Every time a war takes place, some families have to face separation and suffer the loss. One such story is of Mr. Wang Qi.Mr. Wang Qi is trapped in India from 1963, and this happened when he crossed the border just after the war. Let us take a look at the life of Mr. Wang in India.

He was never allowed to leave India after 1963.

Wang, who was a surveyor with China's People Liberation Army was not allowed to leave India after his accidental entry into the Indian border.

He is married to an Indian woman.

He is staying in Tirodi, a village which is near Nagpur. He is married to an Indian woman and adapted Indian lifestyle.

Indian officials said he was an intruder.

Officials gave false background, and he was sent to jail. He was released from prison in 1969.

His mother died in 2006.

Mr. Wang first spoke to his mother after 40 years, and after that, in 2006 his mother died before he could go and meet her. 

Mr. Wang's family

Mr. Wang wrote many letters to his home, but the first reply came to him in 1980. He always talks about his home and his family.

Mr. Wang's eyes lit up with joy when he first talked to his brother.

He was euphoric when he talked to his brother after 54 years. His brother who is 82 years old appeared on the screen, and their conversation lasted nearly 17 minutes.

Mr. Wang with his family in India.

Things may not have gone well for Mr. Wang, but he was undoubtedly happy when talked with his brother after such a long time.His family is here, and he does not want to go anywhere now.That's all, folks!