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Breastfeeding Meant A Lot To Her As A Mother And This Is How She Celebrates It

For every mother, breastfeeding is that one phase of life that is incomparable. It is one of the very first responsibilities as a mother, and there is every reason for them to be proud of it. And what most guys don't know or realize is that breastfeeding isn't a breeze, as one might tend to imagine. The act of breastfeeding can be quite a painful one, sometimes causing excruciating pain and soreness as well! But new mothers have to endure it all just to feed and support their newborns, and so, it's no surprise that many mothers see it as quite an accomplishment.The story goes quite similar for Deidre Turner, who has been through it all. From the excruciating pain to the pleasure of being able to feed her children, Deidre has experienced everything that the first phase of motherhood has to offer. She too sees it as an accomplishment and wanted to commemorate and celebrate her breastfeeding. She wished to do something in that regard, and guess what she did! She got herself a beautiful, artistic tattoo to mark the phase of her life as a new mother. But she wasn't the only one to do something so. Turns out, many mothers turn to tattooing as a source of symbolizing their celebration, and the kinds and variety of tattoos they sport are truly amazing. Check it out!

Deidre gave birth to twin boys in 2012.

And breastfeeding them was an actual challenge. Nipple damage, excruciating pain and recurring bouts of mastitis made her journey very tough, forcing her to almost quit on several occasions!

When Max was born in 2015, she went through all of that once again, but with a bit of complication this time around!

Max was unable to drain his mother's milk, and that left her breasts painfully engorged. But that didn't keep her from pumping excess milk to donate to other moms in need! She truly took pride in breastfeeding, and so, even got herself this tattoo to commemorate it.

But Deidre isn't the only one to get herself a tattoo for the occasion!

Many others moms too have honored their journey of breastfeeding by getting themselves cool tattoos!

These tattoos are really unique...

And they're a great way to celebrate motherhood.

Here's a minimalistic one...

And it's just as creative as the rest!

Some prefer to have a more detailed tattoo...

It must have painful to get it on. But it is definitely worth it!


How awesome is that!

These tattoos are so varied!

And yet, they're all about the same thing - breastfeeding.