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#DeleteUber Is All Over Twitter, And The Reason Is Donald Trump

Over the weekend, the hashtag #deleteuber is going viral, in which people are posting their pics while deleting their Uber app and account. This hashtag has emerged because of Uber not following a taxi strike at John Fitzgerald Kennedy Airport on Saturday. Activists gathered at the JFK airport to protest against Donald Trump's immigration ban. The New York Taxi Alliance also decided to support them. So they asked every driver from the yellow cab to Uber, not to pick anyone from JFK Airport from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.But Uber had something else in mind. Let us see what Uber did and how that affected them?

Uber turned off the surge pricing.

Uber eliminated the surge pricing which many people viewed as if they are trying to capitalize on the strike and the situation.

This is how people reacted to Uber's tweet

Journalist Dan O'Sullivan also asked his followers not to use Uber and boycott them by deleting their Uber app and accounts.

#deleteuber is the new trend.

Some people posted their pics while deleting Uber account and showed their full protest towards Trump's immigration order.

People started linking Uber with Trump.

Uber's CEO has stated before that his company will work with Trump. So after this taxi strike incident, people have assumed Uber as a supporter of Trump.

Lyft transportation company started to take advantage of this situation.

After what Uber did, Lyft tried to take advantage and it donated $1 million to protest Trump's refugee order.

Lyft beats Uber on App store.

Lyft successfully took advantage of #deleteuber by surpassing Uber for the first time in Apple's app store downloads.