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This Is How The Actual Locations Of Twilight Look In Real Life

Every girl remembers her journey from barbie to 'High School Musical' to 'Twilight'. Picturing herself as Bella with omnipresent, super-sexy-vampire boyfriend Edward, life is no less than a fairytale. Here are the filming locations of your fairytale, with the exact movie scene.Pay visit & live your dream!

Remember Bella's Place?

The Swan House is a private residence. You will not be allowed to enter the premise, but you are always allowed to take photographs of the exteriors.Location: 184 S, 6th Street, Saint Helens, OR

Parking lot & Whale bookstore

Location: 260 S, 2nd Street, Saint Helens, OR

This is from where Edward watched Bella!

Bloated Toad Restaurant

Location: 330 S, 1st Street, Saint Helens, OR

Let's pick up some dresses!

Location: 251 S, 1st Street, Saint Helens, OR

Carver's Cafe.

This cafe is located in Damascus, not Carver.Location: 16471 S.E. Highway, 224, Damascus, OR

Mimi's School of Dance, Portland

The Ballet Studio

Location: 800 SE 10th Avenue, Portland, OR

Last but not the least, Cullen's House

Location: 3333 NW Quimby Street, Portland, ORAlso read: How Twilight stars have changed over years.