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This Mother Survived For Six Days Without Lungs While Waiting For Life-Changing Transplantation

In what is believed to be the first unparalleled operation of its kind in the world, doctors in Canada have saved the life of a mother by adopting and using a radical procedure. They removed the young mother's lungs while she needed a transplant.Here we are talking about the Canadian mother, Melissa Benoit, who was reported carrying serious lung infection and was only a few hours away from death when she was rushed to the hospital in Toronto. To save her life, doctors took the unprecedented step of removing her lungs.To know what happened next with the mother, scroll on...

Melissa Benoit, a Canadian mother born with cystic fibrosis.

The 32-year-old mother of three born with cystic fibrosis suffered from the serious lung infection that was spreading throughout her body speedily.

Seeing her condition, she was rushed to the hospital in Toronto.

Melissa was reported to carry the lungs full of mucus and blood and she also suffered from coughing fits, as a result, she was taken to a hospital immediately. Also, her organs began to fail after bacteria in lungs became antibiotic-resistant.

The doctors found her health deteriorating at a disconcerting rate.

And so, Melissa was immediately placed on a ventilator to ensure that she could breathe.

Melissa had only a few hours to live and...

Her chances of survival were reducing. As a result, doctors had to act quickly in a conundrum.

They decided to go ahead with the radical procedure and that was:

To remove her lungs. Yes, this was the first procedure of its kind in the world where a woman had to undergo surgery to remove her lungs.

A team of doctors performed the surgery.

They removed her lungs which were considered to be as hard as ‘football’. And finally, the surgery went successfully.

Doctors deemed success in saving Benoit’s life.

While she waited for the transplant, an artificial device was connected with heart in place of the missing lungs. This helped her to have a consistent blood flow.

She survived six days without lungs until...

The surgeons managed to find her a pair of donor organs and gave her a successful transplant. This helped her condition to improve drastically and she was able to walk without any support or assistance.Read also: Brave mother decides to give away her life to save her unborn baby, This son gave his mother the greatest gift of her life