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6 Things To Do When You Feel Like You Are Fighting Your Battles All Alone

In a world where the solution to being "disconnected" is superficially just a wifi password away, people (like you and I) are desperately looking for the cracking code to true happiness in others. However, times encounter when you'll be (in the great words of Rose Dawson from Titanic) standing in a room full of people and screaming at the top of your lungs, and no one will be listening.When you're simply that isolated and troubled, your brain wants to succumb to the pressure and slip into safe insanity. But that's rather too depressing a thought if you ask me. So here are some other things I've found people indulge in, when feeling the way I'd never wish anyone feels.

1. Get help!

Every now and then, it’s OK to seek aid. Nothing wrong with using an umbrella when it’s pouring down heavy. After all, humans are social animals (most are more animal, less social, but more on that some other time)P.S. When I say seek help, I mean any kind that you may be in need of is fine. So book an appointment with that shrink, and do it without shame! 

2. Question life and its cruelty

This is when you KNOW that this ditch you are sitting in is just.not.your.fault! You did everything right, but the entire universe has been plotting against you.So just straighten your shoulders, raise your head high, face the sky and scream away, "Y u do dis, fate?!" (Not that this will solve anything, but at least you'll get tired and sleep will come easy)

3. Distract yourself.

Is that a problem I see around the corner? Dayum, I better run. Run for my life. When you feel like you’re fighting your battle all alone, and maybe you are just not up for it, and would rather face the other way. And no matter what that shrink says… facing your fears isn’t always the “best” solution.Today, I'm going to sleep, tomorrow I shall procrastinate! But don't overdo it, else...

4. Go crazy. Cheers!

A lot of peer pressure on this one. I know I’m not the only one who is facing a lot of issues with life and all alone, either. Billions have their own issues. But when you feel like you’re standing in a room full of people and screaming, but no one listens, except that bottle of Jack, you pick it up and drown your screams in it. Drink away, bub. Judges gonna judge.

5. Give up.

When all else fail, accept that you too have. Go home, and forget that there ever was a war. Or admit that you failed.

6. Buckle up soldier, you're on your own.

This one is my favorite... and for good reason. If you're reading this, it probably means that you don't like fighting alone. But take it from me, there's nothing like the satisfaction and pride you feel once you've taken on the beast by its horns and stuffed it into the dirt with your own hands and without any body's help.It makes you feel a euphoric power that you never thought you had, and you emerge a beautifully independent person - perhaps capable of providing the support you once sought in others.Let us know in the comments if we missed something that you may do in the bad times...