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Struggles of a Widow After Her Husband's Loss That Are Nothing Less Than a Trauma  

When a woman loses her husband, she is often left alone to fight the world and make a living for herself and her family. The situation is not so dire if her children are grown up and have the decency to support their mother. But here's the tragic truth - there are too many families where the children leave their mothers behind, even in such desperate times. These women are forced to move to old-age homes and widow shelters because they literally have no one left in the world who will care for them.   The truth hurts and pricks when thought about, but the depth of the situation becomes more vivid and apparent when seen in pictures. And so, to raise awareness about this saddening truth of our society, we bring to you these pictures which are bound to evoke some deep emotions. Check it out!    

Vrindavan, a city known as the city of widows. 

It is a home for widows, who have been left behind and have no other place to go.  

Hinduism dictates widows to be dressed solely in white. 

However, younger widows are often excused from this bind of culture.   

Widows are often left to fend for themselves...

This picture was taken in a widow's home in Varanasi, a city known for its spirituality. 

There are many social programs that aim to aid widows.  

These programs try to set up homes for widows and keep them shielded from the nasty world outside.  

Widows are banned from participating in the festival of Holi.  

However, aid groups are fighting these practices and trying to include widows in the celebrations too. 

They are often dragged down to the lower segments of the society.  

Some young widows are even forced to work as sex workers so that they can support their families. 

This is a picture from Bosnia.  

It was taken on the 20th anniversary of the massacre of thousands of Bosnian Muslim men. The sadness of the widows is evident from their faces.

The massacre left behind thousands of widows.  

And they have all come together to support each other ever since.  

These widows engage themselves in cultivating coffee.

Here, we can see them taking a break from work and chilling out.Courtesy: Nat Geo