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Samantha Sepulveda: This Cop/Lingerie Model's Photos Will Give You A Mini Heart Attack 

By now you all should've heard about Samantha Sepulveda, the tough as nails cop by day that doubles as an ultra feminine lingerie and swimsuit model by night.This 32-year-old beauty is taking social media by storm, with her Instagram account (which is growing by the second) officially standing at 1,44,000 followers as of my last check.Looking through her stunning images, it is very hard to believe that this bombshell has only been modeling for four years, as she is a total natural who beams with confidence in each shot.Everyone adores her and apparently even the suspects she arrests don't try and resist her (according to a statement made by Ms. Sepulveda herself during an interview with The New York Post), which makes it quite easy to see why this belle is fast becoming a total viral internet and social media sensation!Below are a few images of the hot officer, some of which are direct links to her Instagram account if you wish to learn more. Enjoy!

Perfect in purple 

Shining bright like the city lights