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Five Personalities Who Deserve Two Minutes Of Your Reading Time

These days, it honestly does not take much to be famous. Many so called “celebs” are renowned for the dumbest of reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with talent or anything worthwhile for that matter. Where are the days when people that deserved to be famous were the ones that the youth of the world admired? So many REAL famous faces that have come and gone through the years have stood out in ways that really matter. Some have sadly departed from this world and others luckily still remain. I am talking of those admirable people who are truly worthy to be named as role models. Although there have existed many such celebrities (both in the present and past) who all deserve acclaim, I shall only be naming the top five that have really stood out for me the most throughout the years (or else this written piece might never end).

1. Actress/Singer: Dame Julie Andrews

Why I love Julie Andrews so much is because she is the epitome of grace and elegance, as well as being truly multi-talented. Ms Andrews managed to climb her way to the top the honorable way and is totally devoid of any scandals or skeletons in her closet. Have you ever seen a Julie Andrews movie in which she uses any type of profanity? How about sex scenes or nudity? Dame Andrews never gave up her morals so you won’t ever find any flick (starring Julie Andrews) with the above mentioned in it. 

2. Singer/Actor: Jon Bon Jovi 

Now I know this is the first time you might be seeing his name on a list of this sort, since many people tend not see the bigger picture when it comes to admirable traits in others. There are various reasons why Jon is so amazing, for instance, he has been married to the same woman since 1989 and although there have been allegations and speculations, no one can prove that he has ever cheated on her even once in all these years. He is very down to earth and really goes out of his way for his fans (even walking one of them down the aisle on her wedding day), and although he admits to trying it out when he was younger, he is one of the few famous singers left who does not indulge in drugs (except for the occasional cigarette that is).

3. Scientist: Professor Stephen Hawking

Let me just start off by saying WOW! Now here is a man who has defied all odds in both science and with regards to his own health. Not even being diagnosed with motor neuron disease was something that could make him give up, or even slow down for that matter! Stephen Hawking is one remarkable individual with an equally amazing sense of humor (especially with regards to others and their often childish and senseless mockery of his condition).

4. Princess: Diana Spencer (Lady Diana)

Lady Diana was an amazing woman whom the whole world adored. She used her title and devoted her life to unselfishly helping others in need. A role model for many, her kind heart and good deeds are sure to be missed by everyone for decades yet to come. 

5. Actress/Singer: Barbra Streisand

Here we have another gem of a lady whose elegant style and amazing talent makes her one of the greatest icons of all time. She supports many causes and charities and really does a lot of good in the world. Another thing that makes Ms. Streisand exceptional is the fact that she is an excellent role model for girls and women, in that she is the perfect example of what can happen if you strive to reach your dreams and you believe in yourself. Often teased and ridiculed as a child (even by her own mother), Ms. Streisand grew up to prove all those around her wrong.  She made it in life despite all odds. Now if that is not someone to be admired, then I don’t know who is.Till next time, Debbie Vermaak Nel