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Signs Of Breast Cancer- Know It Before It's Too Late (Video)

Breast cancer is the George R.R. Martin of cancers, it has taken the lives of numerous women across the world and is estimated to take the lives of around 40,610 women this year in U.S. alone. In spite of being such a deadly killer, there are numerous cases where women do not pay attention to the obvious symptoms to the disease, and even if they do, they do not consult an oncologist due to either fear or denial. It cannot be ignored that even though there is considerable awareness about breast cancer and its symptoms, it is very vague and unclear. To put a check on it, a young designer, Corrine Beaumont, has created the famous "Know Your Lemons" campaign wherein she demonstrates the many signs and symptoms of breast cancer using lemons.Have a look:

The truth.

While a lot of campaigners put on a pink bow as their mark of creating awareness, Know Your Lemons takes a more concrete and impactful step by actually addressing the symptoms.

What breast cancer feels like?

Most women do not have a clear idea about what a cancerous lump feels like. The campaign educates the females as to what they should be looking for while performing a self-examination.

How breast cancer is found?

Once a woman knows what to do and how to do it, she becomes more confident as she feels in charge of her health. To make sure that this idea becomes a reality, the campaign chronologically and descriptively enumerated the step by step process of finding out if one has breast cancer.

Reaching out.

The awareness campaign was not confined to a single place or a single country, they went all out from country to country to make sure that women are educated about the issue that many shy away from discussing. 

Tell your doctor about any and every lump.

The genius idea for comparing breasts to lemons proved to be correct not only for visually depicting the symptoms but also for a proper self-examination.

Leaflet to learning.

The leaflet created by the team includes all the necessary information that a woman must know in order to understand the disease better which might increase the chances of successful treatment in case of early detection.

Watch the video for a better understanding.