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'Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein' Is Still The Most Loved Movie Even After 15 Years Of Its Release

When we think about the most romantic Bollywood movies of 2000 era, Rehnaa Hai Terre Dil Mein always comes across our minds. The remake of the Tamil blockbuster Minnale had left the most magical impact on Indian youth and many young ones had also started copying many instincts, shown in the picture.The R. Madhavan, Diya Mirza and Saif Ali Khan starer movie was released in 2001 and is still the most loved Bollywood romantic movie even after 15 years of its release.Let me take you through the insights of the movie which made you love the movie.

Miss Asia Pacific Diya Mirza looked stunningly beautiful.

That beautiful face, sweet voice, elegant dressing and a very polite way of talking add more sweetness to the movie. Most of the girls of the era admire the way she carried herself in the movie.

R. Madhavan made remarkable debut in his 1st Bollywood movie.

Whenever we watch this movie, we always get the refreshing feeling watching Madhavan’s performance. It was his 1st Bollywood movie as leading actor since before making his Bollywood debut he worked in several Tamil and Kannada movies. His performance was as sweet as Diya Mirza’s smile in the movie. He portrayed himself as a typical Mumbai guy and did full justice to the role.

Combination of all emotions.

The movie is the combination of all aspects of life that one goes through. It is the mixture of Love, Hatred, Friendship and then the struggle to make your love be yours forever.

Different from other love stories.

Though the scene is quite common that a young man besotted with the girl he eyes for the first time on a rainy night on a public road under the shadow of dim lights, the movie creates a magic if you watch it with the love of your life. It has a unique and effortless way of loving someone and makes you feel to fall for someone.

Gives simple tricks to make a girl happy.

Maddy’s easy attempts to make Reena happy were always proven working for him. It shows that it's not hard to impress a girl or to make a girl happy. She gets happy even with smaller efforts being put by the guy.

The Music.

The memorable music for the movie given by Mr Harris Jayaraj and had been sung by the most romantic singers of Indian cinema -  Sonu Nigam, Shaan, Ms Kavita Krishnamurthy and its title song from KK. The songs are evergreen and ever romantic, give you inner peace and give you the feel to fall in love over and over again with the love of your life.

Movie takes out the best of India for shooting.

Some important parts of the movie were shot in Dehradun. The shooting was also done in some famous but not so crowded places of Mumbai of the time like Priyadarshini Park when Maddy takes Reena to the place where he visits in his happy times. The places selected to shoot the movie were appropriate according to the scenes.

An ending as Maddy predicted for Reena.

As once Maddy predicted for Reena (for himself) that she would going to get married to a Mumbai local guy which seemed to be true. The ending of the movie was super romantic what most of the girls dream of, and the music played on the situation when they again meet on airport makes it more memorable.