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11 Amazing Tips To Wake Up To Positive And Happy Mornings

I am not a morning person, and I bow down to those who wake up with the rising sun. And I am sure there are many out there (including me) who yearn for a few more hours in bed in the morning. But waking up early has a multitude of benefits, which we are already aware of. Besides, it gives a happy and positive start to our day. Here are a few more amazing tips to help you kickstart your day on a positive note. 

1. Gulp down a glass of water. 

This will boost your metabolism and activate your internal organs. You can add lemon and honey or simply drink warm water as a detox. 

2. Don't lose to snooze.

Snoozing the alarm will add to your lethargy. It is best to get out of bed as soon as your alarm calls out to you. 

3. Wake up to a clean room.

A messed up room results in a messed up mind. Ensure your room is clean for a positive start to the day. 

4. Smile to yourself and your surroundings.

Smile, it is as simple as that! Smile at yourself while looking in the mirror, smile at your surroundings, smile at your family members and pets. A smile is the most powerful tool to build a positive mind and heart. 

5. Be grateful.

Think of at least five things you are grateful for and you will find yourself gearing up for a happy day ahead. 

6. Expose yourself to the morning sun and fresh air.

This will aid in relaxing and refreshing your mind and body. 

7. Stretch and let your body relax.

Practice a few minutes of light exercises, yoga, or just a simple jog/walk in nature for a rejuvenated you. This will assist in an increased blood circulation and fresh oxygen supply into the lungs. 

8. Ignore your phone for a while.

Do not pick up your phone to check social media and emails as soon as you get up. Technology can impact your energy levels and mind in a negative way and you will realise it after you've given up the habit of being sucked into your phone in the mornings. 

9. Listen to your favorite music or pious recordings. 

Music and pious or motivational recordings can boost your confidence to an unimaginable extent. Try it, if you aren't doing it already. 

10. Feed your body to something delicious in breakfast.

Replace scrolling through Facebook feeds with something delicious and nutritious that will energize you for the day.