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Meet This Tech. Entrepreneur From Indore Who Is Chosen By The German Government To Represent India In Germany

India is a hub of success stories of people who have dragged themselves from rags to riches. They have an out of the box thinking, a peculiar personality, hunger for doing something big and a strong will to stand by their goals and aims. Not to forget, having a gentler way to success and not being shrewd about it. Entrepreneurship is the new India. We see it every day. Don't we? Pankaj Vijayvargiya, the man with a portfolio of 30 thousand+ domain names, is the new age icon of entrepreneurship in our country. Keeping patriotism high in his mind, he is known for making regular high figure sales in other top-level domains such as .ORG and .IN.Currently serving as the C.E.O. at Bitlevel International, his words are pretty encouraging if we talk about the new "Entrepreneurship" hot wave in the country.

The man behind Bitlevel International has been selected as an entrepreneur by the "German ministry of economic affairs."

Sponsored by the Government of Germany and by DIPP, Indian Ministry of Commerce & Industry and the Government of India, he has been invited for a one-month extended visit to Germany to facilitate cross-border trade between Germany and India.

Adding on to the honour: 

He even received a distinguished award "Power Portfolio of the Year" at DomainX by Jon Yau from the Domain Investors community in Delhi.

He was even interviewed on Loksabha TV. 

With an International panel for a one hour show solely for the domain trading business. 

Knowing the man behind Bitlevel International: 

Pankaj Vijaywargiya is an entrepreneur from Indore who invests in unique online assets, known as Domain Names under the brand umbrella of his own startup Bitlevel International. He is even a Chief Mentor at E-Udaan. A pretty restless soul, he is looking forward to initiating a new fire in developing the entrepreneurship ecosystem in India. Also, a regular speaker at various colleges and universities throughout India, he enables today’s generation to think of their enterprise dream. Not just this he even spreads awareness about Domain Names and Cloud Hosting with the series of seminars and talks at educational institutes.

What is Bitlevel International? 

An entirely bootstrapped Startup, they never actually required any outside funding. The key focus is on making it "Hugely Profitable" rather than just "Huge". Pankaj says, "I was into typical online stuff such as Website Development, Web Designing, Web Hosting and all those run-of-the-mill IT services 8 years ago, and after going through all of them, I shifted my focus on the profit making and uniqueness."

He added further saying:

"We primarily deal in Domain Names and provide startups and corporates with their choice of premium names that can go hand-in-hand with their needs. One must also make sure about following all policies and framework and avoid any Trademarks or potentially unwanted names that can infringe any law" Pankaj adds. What they primarily do, is to register the new and trendy domain names for the usual registration price and flip them for higher figures to the people needing them. These sales are made on a regular basis, and currently, they own a portfolio of 30,000+ Domains including some high value and premium ones such as Snooker.in, Beard.in, Youngster.in, Mentors.co.in etc.We are proud of you Pankaj, WittyFeed wishes you all the best!