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These Pictures Show How Beautiful Heterochromia Can Be

Heterochromia is the difference in coloration of a part of the body, usually affecting the iris (heterochromia iridium) but also affecting the hair and skin. It is more prevalent in cats and dogs but can be found in humans. These pictures show how stunningly captivating this condition can be, producing some beautiful and entrancing results. While it can affect only a portion of one eye, the most appealing cases change the colour of a single eye completely while leaving the other unaffected.

Cats or Dogs?

The affected eye here is the stunning blue - it can be caused because of a genetic condition or damage to the iris. It is caused by either a lack or excess of pigment, so rarely means that there is a more serious underlying condition.

A perfect darkness.

Here the affected eye is the dark eye on the left. It is often characterised by a different fur or skin colour around the affected eye, but the symmetry in this dog's face is almost perfect, offset by two beautiful piercing eyes.

People can have it too.

Melanie Doust is a model with the condition. It makes it hard to look away from her entrancing stare, although the dog in this picture gives her a run for her money. 

This intense blue eye

Heterochromia iridium is more common in cats and dogs than humans, where it normally manifests in stunning blue eyes like this. Who couldn't love a dog with a stare this intense? It's not even looking at me and I want to hug it.

It isn't always so clear.

This is a more subtle example of the condition which shows that it is not always so obvious, but still results in a wonderful gaze. 

People say dogs look like their owners.

The saying goes that dogs and their owners look alike. It is probably never more true than it is here here, don't you think? This stunning pair both have one wonderful brown and one sky blue eye, making an alluring set between them.

A matching pair

One brown, one blue. Heterochromia doesn't always appear this way, but when it does it is so stunning. The light blue contrasts so perfectly with the brown, it's hard to pick which to stare at.

They look just like marbles

Sometimes the eye can be split straight down the middle. Here, both eyes are impacted by the condition in the same, mirrored way and the result is remarkable. With perfect white fur and such magical eyes, this little kittie is something to behold.

This kitty knows how special his buddy is.

Even the most anti-cat person couldn't stop themselves from falling in love with this little guy. What a perfectly loving look, with such gorgeous colors, it could make anyone want to tickle his ears.