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Pammi Aunty Lets Out Every Secret And Announces A Surprise For Her Fans

Call her a YouTube sensation, a crazy dose of laughter or a gossip queen, she is all that the aunties in your locality dream to be. She is fun, she is mad, her audience is everything but sad, she is none other than our own, Pammi Aunty.''Bhenji ae kee hai, munda sapiosexual hai, matlab ae munda saapo de naal sex kardaa hai?''- From one of her viral videos ''Tinder pe Tinde.''WittyFeed reaches out to this trendsetter and digs out the secrets that Ssumier S Pasricha (the lead) has been hiding behind Pammi Aunty's character. Here you go, baby!

Q1) You have a large fan following but do you also have that ''special one?''

Ssumier- ''I am blessed with thousands of people (fans) who like my work and yes, many of them are females. I do receive a large number of messages on my social accounts where I often get confused if the girls are in love with Pammi Aunty or with Ssumier S Pasricha.''On asking him the easiest way girls can connect with him, he very cordially replies- ''I am 24x7 there as I am in the online world and it's often my team that answers the messages on social handles but at times, when I am free during late hours(which he usually isn't), I read messages and reply to them.''So ladies, now you know how to hit on your crush.

Q2) Being an SRK lookalike, were you ever mistaken as the real SRK?

Ssumier- ''His watchman himself mistook me as SRK. I and my friends randomly visited Mannat, and we were just standing outside when this watchman comes and says Arey saab aap yahan kaise? and we all burst into laughter and told him the reality, that I am his lookalike.''When asked if he will ever bring SRK to his video, he said that if things go good, the day is not far when his this dream will also come true.

Q3) Who is Sarla Bhenji (the one always on call)?

He replies- ''Sarla is that aunty of the locality who likes to stay in touch with Pammi Aunty for Pammi is a popular figure everyone wants to be with. Sarla is again great at gossiping and that's how they gell up''He also added that Sarla's character will be revealed in the future when the right time comes.

Q4) Who will be your next celebrity guest?

Ssumier took no time to reveal his love and respect for Mr Rishi Kapoor and reveals that he wished Rishi sir to be the guest in his 100th episode but things didn't go as planned. But he is confident to have Rishi Kapoor on his show in the coming time.

Q5) Who is Ssumier Pasricha's celebrity crush whom he'd like to have in the show?

Now comes the surprise for ''her/his'' fans..Priyanka Chopra!Yes, it's the desi girl of Bollywood whom Ssumier (not Pammi Aunty this time) finds extremely cute and attractive. He has high hopes of having her on his show as the 1st female celebrity guest. Just imagine how these two will talk! *Laughter*

Q6) Why Arnab Goswami and not anyone else from the nation in his century episode?

Also, when asked if Arnab is the ''Gossip king'' of the nation, he says- ''If you ask Pammi Aunty, Arnab Goswami just shouts shouts shouts and knows well how to insult a woman like Pammi. But if you ask Ssumier, Arnab is a brilliant journalist and while we are at this, every man gossips and Arnab knows it well how to get TRP and impress the audience.''

Q7) What did you gift yourself after completing the century?

''A Merc!''He said that he was longing for years to gift himself a car that was brought only and only from his money, not having to take anything from his father and he just did that.What better than this can anyone gift himself!

Q8) What will be the 101st episode based on?

He will be taking on a very serious topic of Bengaluru molestation to raise voice against the wrongdoings in a very witty way that will have a taste of sarcasm in it.Q9) What's your take on daily soaps?Ans. Ssumier says that the producers are unable to take the risk on high-quality Game of Thrones styled shows in India due to the different taste of the Indian audience and that is why the shows that run remain that of the Saas-Bahu ones that are loved by the masses and even I was part of some.Q10) Do you see BB Ki Vines and Kapil Sharma as your competitor?Ans. ''Absolutely NO. They are doing great in their respective fields and what I am doing is completely different and have a different set of audience.''Well said!

Watch the 100th episode and try to hold laughter!

Ssumier experimented with Pammi Aunty for the reason that he was not creatively satisfied with what all he had achieved in the past and we thank him for coming up with this.Subscribe here for more such stories and comment and show your love for Pammi Aunty. Tada!