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10 Signs You Are A Strong Woman & Why You Stand Out From Everyone Else

Strong women have a powerful aura. They tend to do things passionately and leave a lasting impression on who so ever comes in contact with them.

You may have had a strong female role model in your life or found all of that strength on your own. However, here you are, a strong woman who believes in herself and believes and holds compassion for other beautiful lives around you.  A strong woman is self-dependent, confident, and compassionate.  If you too identify with these 10 signs, you are definitely are a strong woman who stands out in a crowd.

1. You believe in yourself.

No matter where life takes you, you believe in yourself. It is only a strong woman who recognizes the fact that having faith in one’s abilities is the most important feature if you wish to reach new heights in life.

2. Your happiness lies in your hands.

Strong women know how to create their own happiness. You don’t let other people’s feelings get to you, and you don’t let your own inner turmoil hamper your happiness.

3. You love yourself.

We all make mistakes, but it takes a strong woman to learn and move away from her mistakes and still love herself no matter what. Self-love needs effort and time, and it's only the strongest of women who love themselves despite all their flaws.

4. Your only competition is yourself.

Strong women don’t feel the need to compete with others. You’re only concerned about being the best version of yourself.

5. You are self-dependent.

Be it emotional, mental, physical or financial well-being, a strong woman doesn't lean on anyone else for support. It can feel scary to just go out there in the big bad world, but you never let the fear of failure stop you from conquering the world. 

6. You always follow your intuition.

Strong women follow their own gut. You listen to your own voice and nobody else’s. Because you know and you’ve learned that no one knows better than you what you truly want from life.

7. You are compassionate.

Kindness and compassion are never perceived as human weakness by strong women. For you, kindness and compassion are a part of your being, which helps you to connect with others emotionally.

8. You aren't afraid to show your emotions.

Strong women speak their innermost feelings and thoughts. You don’t bash yourself or others for speaking their mind and sharing their emotions. You know that hiding your feelings only create problems in the long run.

9. You show unconditional love and support.

Strong women know how much love and support matters. When you love someone, you stand with them through thick and thin.