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Life Through The Eyes Of A Rape Victim

I keep asking myself for answers, but I know that no answers will ever come about. Why did this evil thing ever happen to me? How can someone be so sick to do something like this? I want my life back, although I know I will never get it back. I want my life back, I want it back **Crying** You've taken away everything, everything! You've left me with shame and disgust and nothing more. I wanna just pretend nothing happened and it was all a dream. But how do I act like nothing happened when it haunts me every second of my life?Rape. Such a disgraceful, evil, destructive act. Am I really to blame? Why do people look at me like it's all my fault? Nobody believes me; not even the one I love. He too left me to fight my own battle. Now I'm all alone, lost and ruined. You would also like to read: Rape Victim Shares Heart-Breaking Photos Of Her Injuries And Makes People Aware Of Online Dating.

She says...

"I had a life, I had everything going for me. I was in love. I had dreams just like any other girl." 

"Until that dreaded day when a sick soul ripped my life apart. Ripped it into a million pieces."

"I was having so much fun partying with my friends until it was time for me to leave. I wish I hadn't left early, I wish I hadn't left alone. My friends wanted to party longer, so I had to leave alone. I just wish I could turn back time"

"I was walking down the street trying to stop a rickshaw, but there were no rickshaw in sight. I felt I was being followed. I was too scared to look, but I knew something wasn't just right. I turned and saw this weird sick guy following me. I tried to run, he ran even faster."

"He was huge, and nearly double my size. I fell to the floor. He caught me, I was trying to fight him; kicking, and pushing. But he was too strong."

"He overpowered me and tried to choke me. I was tired, I had given up."

"He got over me and held my hands over my head, I was breathless. I still tried to fight back, but I just knew I wouldn't win."

"He held me down harder covering my mouth, so I couldn't make a noise or scream."

"He pulled my skirt up, I almost died. He unbuckled his belt and pulled down his zip. He was a freaking sick monster. Everything flashed before my eyes. My family, my life! He held me down harder still covering my mouth. He kept thrusting deeper and deeper till I could take it no more and passed out. He was worse than an animal."

"I came around and could feel him deeper and deeper. Once he was done, he pulled up his pants and walked away like as if I was some kind of object. I was literally left to die."

"I slowly pulled myself up and managed to drag myself slowly. I got myself in a rick and went to the nearest police station to lodge a complaint. It took forever to get that complaint lodged and some medical attention." (thanks to the rick driver, it gave me some hope that good humans still do exist)

"My parents were angry, they said I shouldn't have gone out to party and said I made a mistake going to the police station due to the family reputation of course."

"My love, my life, my everything! I adored this guy, but he didn't support me too. He blamed me saying I must have done something to draw his attention. I thought he knew me, I thought he loved me and would do anything for me but I was wrong. He left me to fight my battle alone."

"I'm lost, I'm alone and I feel dirty, used and sick. Everything is over now. I have nothing left to live for."

"I wanna die, I wanna just kill myself. I don't want to live anymore. My life is over, it's over!"When are we going to get up and fight rape? Are we always going to keep blaming the victims for their dressing and behavior? Do we even realise by doing this we are supporting the actions of such sick men in our society?RAPE HAS TAKEN WAY TOO MANY LIVES AND IT'S HIGH TIME WE STAND UP AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT OR IT'S JUST GOING TO GO ON AND ON!!!WAKE UP AND RISE!