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10 Reasons Why John Goodman Lives up to his Name

John Goodman is among our very finest actors. He is best known for appearing in the sitcom Roseanne. He has also performed in numerous films including a role as Fred Flintstone in The Flintstones, Sully in Monsters Inc and Monsters University, as well as performing in The Big Lewandowski and Raising Arizona. But just how much do you know about the star?

He's Hosted SNL 13 Times

Saturday Night Live is a real favorite TV show, inviting stars from all areas to come and host and perform. He became one of the regular hosts of the show since his first appearance in 1989, after a failed audition in 1980 as a backup member of the crew. 

His First Job was a Bouncer

Nowadays, it would be pretty difficult to take him seriously in this position. He worked as a bouncer until he got a job waiting tables in Hell's Kitchen before he was able to break into the acting business.

He Played the President and the King of England

He played the role of the most powerful man in the world as President of the United States in various episodes of The West Wing, while he portrayed the King of England in King Ralph. 

He was a High School Stud

He played on the school football team, and everyone loved him! He even earned a football scholarship to Missouri State University!

Quitting Smoking was his Biggest Challenge

He was ordered by his doctors to lose a lot of weight in 2005. He said this was the biggest challenge he had faced since quitting smoking in 2003, but it was for the benefit of his health!

The Big Lebowski was his Favourite Film

While he admitted that The Big Lebowski was his favorite film to work on, his favorite character to play was reportedly Charlie Meadows in Barton Fink. 

He Worked Various TV Commercials

After moving to New York in the late 70s, he landed spots in TV commercials for a wide variety of different products, as well as some paper adverts. This was the beginning of his successful career. 

Without him, The Flintstones Movie Wouldn't have been Made

Had he turned down the lead role in 1994, it would likely not have been made. He was the key factor, and accepted playing the lead role of Fred Flintstone in the hit movie!

He Made a Habit of Overtipping Servers

Because his mother worked as a waitress and made her living off of tips, he says that he has made a habit of tipping too much. He always recalls how hard she had to work.