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Guy Spends 15 Years Of His Life To Build World's Largest Treehouse For A 'Purpose'

Have you ever got the chance to stay in a natural surrounding or a place like a treehouse? Well, if you didn't, you've surely missed something great in your life! And did you know treehouse is a big part of Americana? And taking inspiration from God, Horace Burgess created the structure around an airborne chapel, wanting it to be a place of reflection and meditation. He is a record setter and has finished building world's largest treehouse after 15 years. It is now, 97 feet high and it looks spectacular.Enjoy the view of the pictures and video of the world's largest treehouse. 

It appears something like spooky! 

But the purpose is solemnly spiritual. 

The Pastor built an amazing structure by taking inspiration from God.

The place looks palatial and has a space of about eight standard houses. 

And of course, you wouldn't want to miss to see its view from the inside. It looks splendid! 

The stairwells,  sitting areas and even the game zone. What more you want?