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17 Shocking Comebacks From The Human History Which Are Too Brilliant!

Have you been in that situation, where someone started arguing with you on the silliest thing, and you were just not able to think of a comeback to end the argument? I am pretty sure we all have been there, but seldom we come up with a response so perfect that after it the other party has nothing to say. We have some epic comebacks from the history that were just too hilarious and to spread the laughter; we had to share them with you! These people were too witty, blunt and ended the stupidest arguments with some epic comeback dialogues. Make your day even more colorful and full of life by just following us on Twitter and stay updated with hilarious stories like this.

You lost it lady!

Lol! Wilde You are undoubtedly killing it dude!

A bit too much here!

That's some good sense of humor.

Barrymore you are the man!

Mr. Churchill, please tell us what can we do to look a little less ugly?

Churchill is nailing the whole comeback thing, yet again!

Guys you should understand, she is actually f**king busy!

Oh My My! That's something!

The Legendary Challenge

This gentlemen is trying to clear his head!

The Mysterious Cocaine Addiction

Well said Hale, I completely agree with you!

Mozart you were a born genius!

Without this one, list will surely be incomplete! #TheJerkStore!

Finding the ideal girl.

Oh My God! That was a naughty move Capote!