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Interesting Facts About 2016 You Should Know Before It Ends

As the year 2016 is near to its end, I'm sure you've come across many interesting facts relating to celebrities, popular internet trends, bizarre facts and much more. But if you are someone who likes to be updated about everything, happening in and around the world, then this is something you must know. The list of the countries which have bagged the top position in exceptional areas. Do read it, your country might be on the list.

1. Richest country in 2016

According to Forbes, this country has made it to the top richest countries of the world that have a GDP of $90,532.53. The country is the leading producer of LNG and has the very famous Hamas International Airport.  Ans- Qatar.

2. Healthiest country in 2016

The World Economic Forum assess the countries, on the basis of 33 health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) indicators among 188 countries. And the country which bagged the top position, by one decimal place is very famous for its blue lagoon. Ans- Iceland. 

3. World's friendliest country in 2016

According to Forbes, this country is the friendliest country in the world. In a survey, 75% of the people said that it was very easy to fit in the new culture, and 55% of the people said, they will come back to the country. The first person to climb Mt. Everest was from this country. Ans- New Zealand. 

4. Safest country in the world in 2016

According to World Economic Forum, as stated by The Telegraph, UK, the safest country on earth is also called as 'the land of midnight sun'. The country is very scarcely populated. Ans- Finland. 

5. The most visited country in 2016.

World Economic Forum, released its Global Destination Cities Index by Mastercard. The 'most visited country' is measured by the number of international visitors among 132 countries. The country is home to the smallest and the largest animals in the world. The country has recorded almost 21.47 million international visitors this year. Ans- Thailand. 

6. World's Happiest country in 2016

According to the Forbes, the country which topped the U.N's world's Happiness report 2016, has the highest number of Nobel laureates per capita in the world. This country is also known as the least corrupt country in the world. Ans- Denmark. 

7. The hungriest country in 2016

As reported by Business Insider, the African countries are fighting from hunger according to UN report. Ans- Burundi. 

8. Fattest country of 2016

According to The Gazette Review, the list of fattest country 2016 is here and you'll be surprised by the results. 13% of the people in the entire world are said to be obese, and around three times of this percentage are obese in this country. This country has the highest rate of stomach stapling when compared to all the other nations with respect to their population. The country was the first to introduce the sport of camel racing. Ans- Kuwait. 

9. The country with highest life expectancy in 2016

According to geoba.se, the life expectancy of this country is 89.47 years. The country is also known as tax heaven. Ans- Monaco

10. The most Intelligent country in 2016

According to The Gazette Review, the list of the countries ranked on the basis of IQ test is out. The country which has topped the list has scored an average point of 107. The name of the country also means, 'Fragrant Harbor'. Ans- Hong Kong. 

11. The country with the highest rape crime rate

According to the STRONGEST IN WORLD, the country with the highest rape crime rate has reported 132.4 cases per 100,000 habitants. Ans- South Africa. If you liked it, then share it.