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Dark Truth: This Is Why They End Up Being Sex Workers

Hijras. Kinnars. Eunuchs: A community that is ill-treated by everyone in the society yet occupies a significant position in the world. This little third gender community in the big world often masks its complexities and fears with a big smile. We have a hundred questions in our mind yet no answers that can balance the pain and difficulties this heterogeneous community faces as a daily note in life. We think we know them and we are quick to learn that they are not good. We often question their existence but there is one thing we forget: They are just like us! Normal people, striving hard for life. There is nothing different to be called as a life of a hijra. They are inspiring and we are one. PERIOD!

We ridicule them for being themselves while we miss to acknowledge them when they stand tall in our celebrations. 

Think about all the relatives you call down, who talk behind your back! 

They were barred from going to school, getting married or even having children. WHY? 

Thankfully, now that there's something called as a gender 'E' that has brought in a lot of luck for the third gender people. 

Yes, they believe in the guru-chela rituals. 

Though most of their rituals are hinduism centered, their gurus are majorly Muslims.  

They rarely receive love from anyone. All they get is money in return. 

We should take out time and go back to their roots. Their existence dates back to the Mughal armies where they were appointed as lifeguards and even Generals. 

They come into the world, live their life struggling and are cremated just like us. 

There is no such thing as a different gender, the only complexity is the way our society treats them. 

They shed their inhibitions as soon as the music plays. 

They dance their heart out because that is what makes them live their life to the fullest. 

They take risks every single night in order to feed their families. 

Yet we greet them with stares, shoo them away or ignore them completely. They are even greeted with a lot of snarls and comments while they step out to make a living. 

The trade they are in comes with a lot of risks. 

They ought to earn money and the only way to do that is having sex. And having sex leads them to a lot of HIV risks. 

Don't you think they dream like us too? 

Even if it hurts inside, they need someone to love, to go home too. They dream of a house, a man and kids too. 

Every single one of them tries to fit into the customary aches of the society. 

They shave their legs like we girls do, they get their makeup done, they dress up and wear all niceties but for a lot of people. What wrong are they doing by earning a living for themselves? This is how the society wants it to be right.NO GENDER EQUALITY!If they stop doing this, who will feed their families? The society will gladly crush them.