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You're Lucky If You Weren't Born Gay In The Past, Here's Why!

Do you think that homosexuality has become a fashion nowadays? Or is it that only today homosexuals exist? And is it only today that these people receive a weird eye from others?No apparently! These feelings which are caused by hormones have existed from like forever. And history had its own way of treating these people.Although gays and lesbians even today do not get full freedom but the past had some cruel and unthinkable behaviour towards these people.Recommended for you: 7 Things Bisexual Women Want You To Know

1. Its earliest documented practitioner was Sigmund Freud.

Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, had no qualms with gay but for the fact, his daughter Anna seemed to have an inclination towards women, lesbianism didn't sit right with him.He then began analyzing her six nights in a row when she was 23 years old. They both then discussed Anna's fantasies, and this therapy lasted for about 1,000 hours. Eventually, Anna settled down with Dorothy Burlingham and happily lived for 54 years.

2. John F. Kennedy's sister also went through therapy.

The most famous patients of all was Rosemary Kennedy, President John F. Kennedy's sister. She was subjected to the treatment because of low IQ and had severe disabilities.

3. In Britain, 65,000 men were arrested for being gay.

To cure homosexuality, hormone therapy was also used; most famously on Alan Turing, the hero of World War II.The pills which Turing was asked to take to avoid jail, made him sick with growing breasts. Eventually, he committed suicide by eating an apple which was laced with cyanide.He then received a royal pardon in the year 2013. Post which Alan Turing Law was made in 2016 so that the other 65,000 people who were convicted as gay under the same could also receive posthumous pardons.

4. Homosexuality was considered as a disorder until 1992.

Homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder by the American Psychiatric Association until the year 1973, whereas the World Health Organization classified it the same until 1992.

5. Some former supporters of gay conversion therapy have since apologised.

Exodus International, founded in 1976, was the largest organization promoting gay conversion therapy. It provided counseling to those who didn't want to be gay anymore.But in the year 2013, Exodus had to shut its doors permanently, apologizing to the gay community.

6. Only six states have barred mental health professionals from attempting to change a minor's sexuality

The countries comprise of: New York, Oregon, California, Illinois, Vermont, and New Jersey.

7. Horrible gay conversion policies were used.

Shock therapies were used to treat gayness. Patients were either sent to an asylum, or their families could purchase at-home shocking devices to give them shock treatments. The process involved slide shows picturising heterosexual scenes. The patients were also given drugs to make them vomit.

8. The most surprising one

There never existed any evidence that homosexuality is a trait that can be changed.