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Salman Khan Says That He Hates Aamir Khan And Here's Why

Salman Khan and Aamir Khan might be the leading Khans of the industry, but they've faced their share of ups and downs. But why is Salman hating Aamir? Is it something to do with his recent box-office release, Dangal? Salman Khan took to Twitter to express his true feelings about Aamir Khan and he didn't have many positive comments on this one. How would Aamir Khan feel? Let's find out. Read also - 10 Questions Every Girl Should Ask Herself After Watching Dangal 

Why would Salman hate Aamir? 

Is it because of their on-going box-office rivalry? 

Aamir is a complete perfectionist. 

Everyone in the industry knows that Aamir is a complete professional and almost perfect when it comes to his performances. 

His recent performance in Dangal was top-notch. 

Salman took to Twitter to express his feelings about Aamir's movie. 

Salman compared it to his own movie, Sultan. 

Dangal and Sultan have similar themes behind it even though the movies are completely different plots. Just because both movies exhibit 'wrestling' to be the main catch, that's why they are being compared. 

This is what Salman had to say. 

Salman went to watch Dangal and simply loved the movie. He also claimed that it was better than his own movie, Sultan. 

It's only a friendly rivalry. 

Friendly rivalry is what keeps actors motivated and drives them to perform better in Bollywood. 

As long as there is no awkwardness. 

Salman and Aamir are very professional actors and their love for each other will never die. They have set beautiful examples of acting performances in India and we hope they keep giving their best to all their movie projects.