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This Is What President Obama Wrote In The Visitor's Book At RajGhat. #Respect.

India invited US President Barack Obama as the Cheif Guest to its 66th Republic Day Celebration. Barack Obama is the only US President to visit India twice in his reign of service as a leader.  Obama graced the land of eternal bliss with the first Lady Michelle Obama, for a three-day schedule, at around 10:00 A.M, starting today. They are staying in the presidential suite of ITC Grand Maurya. It has been said that US President, Barack Obama and PM Narendra Modi will sit down to discuss issues of climate change, defense, and economic ties. Obama was given the guard of honor about which he says, "It is a great honor. We are so grateful for the extraordinary hospitality." Obama and PM Modi are world's greatest leaders as of now. There are many expectations from this meet. In his itinerary, RajGhat was a major landmark. Obama considers Mahatma Gandhi as his greatest idol. On being asked which personality dead or alive, would you like to dine with; Obama answered, "Mahatma Gandhi." Following the day's event, this is what he wrote in the visitor's book at RajGhat.  

#1. January 25, 9:45 A.M Obama became the first American President To Visit India Twice.

#2. American President Obama Is Given A Warm Welcome By Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

#3. Obama, President Pranab Mukherjee And PM Narendra Modi at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

A powerful photo.

#4. President Obama Was Given A Ceremonial Welcome At Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Wing Commander Puja Thakur led the ceremonial guard of honour for US President Barack Obama at Rashtrapati Bhavan on Sunday. It is the first time ever that a woman led the guard of honor.

#5. The Guard of Honor Was Given By Wing Commander Puja Thakur.

Wing Commander Puja walked with Obama for the inspection of the tri-service guard of honour. This comes as 'Naari Shakti' (woman power) is the theme for Republic Day parade this year where Obama is the chief guest.

#6. Later, around 12:30 They went to RajGhat.

#7. US President Pays His Respect To His Role Model Mahatma Gandhi At Raj Ghat

#8. He Was Given A Charkha As A Memory. He also Planted A Peepal Tree In The Premises.

#9. Barack Obama Wrote This In The Visitor's Book at RajGhat

What Dr Martin Luther King Jr said then remains true today. "The spirit of Gandhi is very much alive in India today. And it remains a great gift to the world. May we always live in the spirit of love and peace- among all people and nations."

#10. This Is What The First Lady, Michelle Obama Wrote In 2010.

"It's a great honor and privilege to visit Mahatma Gandhi memorial, who was a great person who inspired the whole mankind with peaceful means." During his last visit here in 2012 too, he had paid tributes to Gandhi at the memorial here."

#11. At Around 1:30 PM Narendra Modi Invites US President Obama To The Hydrabad House For Delegation Level Talks.

#12. Two Major Leaders Submerged In Deep Discussion At The Hyderabad House.

#13. PM Narendra Modi And Us President Obama At Hyderabad House.

#14. India and US Are Expecting A Lot From This Meet.

From defense to nuclear projects, to becoming the permanent member of United Nations, there's a lot to be ponder over.