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Watch These Eleven Movies Of Jake Gyllenhaal And I Bet You'll Become His Fan

Born in a family which belongs to Hollywood, Jake Gyllenhaal has depicted some of the most remarkable out-of-the-box characters on the silver screen. His choices of films are unorthodox which have revealed his acting talent in many ways.He started his acting career at the age of 10 with films like City Slickers, Josh & SAM, A Dangerous Woman. His career span in the industry is very long, and he has managed to keep himself away from any controversy that could affect his growth.Jack won the nomination for Academy Awards in the year 2005 for his film Brokeback Mountain after sharing the screen with another legendary star Heath Ledger. He was also nominated for the Golden Globe Awards in the year 2010 and has won awards like BAFTA, and MTV Movie Awards.

11. Brothers, 2009

Though he didn't play the major role in this film, he managed to leave his mark by the movie. He played the character of main character's brother. 

10. Source Code, 2011

This film helped Jake in improving as a sci-fi action thriller actor. He portrayed this character with versatility. 

09. End of Watch, 2012

It'd not be shocking to see this movie on the list because most of the actors in Hollywood and even in some other film industries have played a character of police officers once in their career. It takes great courage to work hard upon such characters which are being already portrayed by many great actors in the past and still making them stand out. Hats off To Jake Gyllenhaal.The unique thing about this film is that it also follows the lives of their wives.

08. Jarhead, 2005.

The reason this film could not gather much attention was that it was released in the same year as Brokeback Mountain. People overlooked this masterpiece from Sam Mendes, director of the film.

07. Enemy, 2013.

This one's one of the greatest performances from Jack Gyllenhaal. Director of the film 'Prisoner,' Denis Villeneuve has created this thriller based on the novel by Jose Saramago. Guess what? Jack was challenging himself in the movie. 

06. Zodiac, 2007

The critically acclaimed film from the renowned director David Fincher, Zodiac, features not only Robert Downey Jr. but Mark Ruffalo and Jake Gyllenhaal as well. It's an adaptation of the book written by Graysmith.

05. Southpaw, 2015

Do you know, the rapper Eminem was offered this film, and was even the first choice of the movie producers."We had both seen '8 Mile' and loved it and thought he was fascinating and had a real presence on screen," says Alan, Producer of the film.In spite of not being the first choice of the producers, Jack Gyllenhaal has performed this character in full of its intensity.

04. October Sky, 1999.

Old, but gold. If you'd ask me to choose one all time favourite film of Jack Gyllenhaal, I'd want this. October Sky tells a compelling story of America's first rocket science engineer and how he went against the will of his father to achieve his goals.

03. Brokeback Mountain, 2005.

Directed by one of my favourite director, Ang Lee, this film is unique for each one of us for so many reasons. It's the only movie for Jack to get him the Academy Awards win. This movie stars another favourite actor, Heath Ledger.This film is a magnum opus in the career of this artist. It explores the voyage of two male lovers, both of them having their families and children.

02. Nocturnal Animals, 2016.

Based on the book "Tony and Susan," Nocturnal Animals paid more than $20 million for global distribution rights after a massive bidding battle in Cannes film festival. It's the highest amount ever paid for a movie at a festival.This movie is a must watch for all the Jack Gyllenhaal fans. 

01. Nightcrawler, 2014

It is one of those films that no one would dare to miss. Nightcrawler was one of the most pleasant and noticeable films released in the year 2014.Nightcrawler presented a media in front of a common man in a most critical way. This movie is a satirical presentation on the journalists' ethics in modern times.Well, you can now share this list with your friends and flaunt that you're Jack Gyllenhaal fan. It'd be great if you can mention your favourite Jack Gyllenhaal movie in the comment box below.For more Hollywood updates, click here.SubscribeDownload the WittyFeed App on your Android and iOS smartphones.