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The Tallest Temple In India Will Be As Huge As Eiffel Tower  

The history is in the making in Uttar Pradesh, India. Yes, you heard it right. World's tallest temple in the world is undergoing a massive construction, and once it gets done, it is going to break many records regarding the tallest architecture around the globe.The temple is presumed to be named as Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir. There are some more fascinating facts about this temple that will take your breath away. Let's find out!

World's tallest religious building.

Temple designed by Indian firm Ingenious Studio would break all the records of world's tallest religious building by surpassing Ulm Minster in Germany; it's 530 feet long.Related: World's Tallest Religious Buildings

This temple will feature a theme park filled with different tourist attractions.

The earthquake resistant structure would cover an area larger than St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, and would house a variety of cultural and spiritual facilities. Related: This Yogini Mother Is Proudly Spreading Indian Culture In The USA

Project director, Narasimha Das says...

“Attractions planned in the theme park would be like park rides, animatronics, light, sound and special effects, as well as, the Vraja Mandala Parikrama shows and laser shows,” as told to The Spaces. 

30 acres of forest will surround the temple.

The temple is dedicated to the Hindu deity Lord Sri Krishna, who according to scripture was born in Vrindavan. The forest is planted to re-create the twelve forests of Braj.Related: 10 Life Points You Must Know About Lord Krishna 

Apartments and Villas will also surround it.

As the New IndianExpress Reports, the temple will be surrounded by apartments and this project will be sold to fund. It'll also be financed from the donation by the devotees.Related: 7 Smallest Apartments Around The World

Currently, the work on its foundation is going on.

"Right now, work is concentrated on the building’s 55m deep foundations. [These] will have 511 columns, which will be completed by March next year," confirmed Project Manager- Das.

A new milestone achieved by the new Indian modern architects.

"Vrindavan Chandrodaya Mandir has a unique architectural feature that harmoniously blends the elements of Indian traditional temple architecture of Nagara style and elements of modern design," says Ingenious Studio.Related: You Can Become An Architect This Christmas