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10 Before And After Pictures Of The People Who Went Through Massive Weight Loss 

2016 is coming to an end, and with the new year 2017 being around, it is the time for all of us to make a list of new year resolutions or maybe for deciding one such resolution that we would willingly want to get accomplished in the new year. Maybe you wish to get rid of your smoking habit in 2017? Or maybe you finally decide to hit the gym to shed some pounds in the coming year?Well, the new year can be a reason for you to make a change in your life but not for these people. These amazing people truly proved that to make a change in life, all you require is hard work and willpower.They all have one thing in common- Weight loss goal and hence their before-and-after weight loss pictures will give you all the motivation you seek to be a brand new you.Check out for yourself. 

1. This man lost 203 lbs in a span of two years.

He weighed 373 pounds in 2011, and till 2013 he weighed 170 pounds.Isn't it brilliant?

2. Donna, who lost 112 lbs in two years.

The picture of Donna in left is of the time when she weighed 230 lbs in 2010. Then she began running, exercising and shed 112 lbs in over two years. And now she is a fitness model.

3. The journey from 600 pounds to 230 pounds.

The picture of a woman- Three years ago, she was 600 pounds and now 230 pounds. Only 20 pounds under her goal.What a transformation!

4. He weighed 354 pounds and was diabetic but now...

He no longer has diabetes. He workouts six days a week and has lost a total of 177 pounds in a year.Great job, man!

5. She has gone minus 198 lbs in two years.

The lady looks beautiful in both the pictures but is way fitter today.

6. From 245 lbs to 145 lbs.

One of my favourite transformations. She looks amazingly beautiful after weight loss.

7. 2012 (305 lbs) vs. 2016 (165 lbs)

You can easily make out the difference in this guy. Apart from willpower, you also need a proper diet and exercise regime to work on your body fat.

8. She looks pretty darn fit now.

Weight loss is 100% mental. Though 90% diet and 10% exercise play a role in counting calories, but if you determine to lose it up, you surely will succeed.

9. So, nothing is impossible...

Watch this girl who shed many pounds and weighs 198.7 lbs now.

10. Raina, who decided to lose her weight after getting a warning from her doctor.

She lost 98 lbs after doctors warned her that she could die from obesity.Well, no matter, what inspires you, it is ultimately your hard work and willpower that never allow you to give up.And at the end, hard work pays off.If you do have any such story, share with us.