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This Mother Decided To Sacrifice Her Life To Save Kids From Fire

In an incident where you find your home getting inundated in flames, would it be easy for you to watch that sight and act like a life-sparing medical aid? Well, only brave people can stay calm while saving someone and offering First Aid, yet many would choose to be futile in such a genuine plight.But this wonderful and brave mother’s activities spared the life of her kids. She remained valiant when she noticed her home and children getting trapped in flames and saved the life of her kids by showing extraordinary courage.Well, how did she manage to escape her children from the house fire? To know this, you'll have to scroll on.P.S - Hats off to all the mothers!

Seeing your children and home wrapped in the blanket of fire is no easy sight.

This is the story of a courageous mother who saw her home and children trapped in flames and did everything to save the life of her kids.

Angel Fiorini, a mother who saw her home engulfed in flames.

In the midnight hours, Angel noticed that her home was blazing when she began choking due to the smoke. As soon as she found the fire, she ran towards her children’s room to grab her 1.5-year-old and 3-year-old kids.

Angel clasped her children and took them outside to make sure that they won’t get harmed.

She pushed her two children, 18-month-old Rosalie and 3-year-old Vinny, out from the front door and to make sure that they won’t get back in the home, she closed the door from inside.

She shut herself in closed flames and meanwhile, looked for her 7-year-old daughter Gianna.

Smoke occupied the house. She was engulfed in flames but she didn’t give a single thought to herself and started looking for Gianna.

Angel got badly burned by the fire and suffered second-degree burns.

The selfless mom laid on her 7-year-old daughter Gianna so as to protect her before she gets harmed. During the whole ordeal, Angel got burnt badly.

When a passerby saw the smoke-filled home, he went inside and saved the mother and Gianna.

The stranger was able to drag the mother of 3 and one of her daughters Gianna out of the house.

The selfless mom spent weeks in the hospital in critical care recovering from her wounds.

The 29-year-old mother and her children are alive, which is the best part of the whole ordeal. More than a month later, Angel came finally back home and is recovering now. However, her family lost every belonging and so their acquaintances have set up donation pages on GoFundMe to make sure that her medical needs are met.

Well, to give you an idea of how motherly Angel is, read what she said...

She said that apart from injuries, one of the worst parts was ‘being away from the children’. This supermom is surely a trooper.Well, you can also help her and donate by going to her page on GoFundMe.