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Famous Celebrity Gold Digging Dudes

Gone are the days when men used to work and women used to look after the household chores. Gone are the days when women used to be dependent on men financially. Gone are the days when women had to look for rich and handsome hunks. Because now are the days when women are the real heroes. Because now are the days when men are the actual gold diggers. And age is just a number!Here is the list of famous celebrity men who married rich women.

Kevin Federline

The famous backup dancer for celebrities who eventually married Britney Spears for money. Their relationship did not work longer than 2 years. Soon after the divorce he started getting $20,000 a month and still earning the same. 

Guy Ritchie

Another celebrity couple. Their relationship went quite well, for a period of eight years but eventually led to a divorce. He received a huge amount between $76 to $92 million. 

Kris Humphries

Popular basketball player Kris Humphries was married to Kim Kardashian for a mere 72 days. After that, Kim filed a divorce. Kris who should have been more concerned about their relationship was rather upset for the $325,000 Ferrari which Kim kept with her.  

Matt Rutler

Quite an intelligent man! He did hit the right target when he married one of the famous divas Christina Aguilera. They started dating from 2010 and he became a somebody from a nobody.

Rossano Rubicondi

It seems as if a mother married his own son. Well, a gap of 23 years is definitely a big number. However, love sees no age. Ivana Trump married Rossano Rubicondi in 2008. They had a grand wedding costing $3 million. They are no more together but are still dating.

Nick Cannon

They are such a nice couple and Nick is doing good in his career as well. 

Justin Theroux

The Ross to the Rachel. Justin came on the right track after marrying Jennifer Aniston. He keeps track of all the earnings of Jennifer and had started getting involved in her finances.

Dean McDermott

Tori claimed upon her husband Dean for having affair with another woman. However, she later said,"It changed everything. It really did...for the better". She has inherited around $800,000 of the $500 million. Dean on the other hand still hopes for a better relationship.

Casper Smart

Casper Smart, Jennifer's choreographer is living a lavish life. He gets $10,000 allowance in a week. There's an age difference of 17 years between the two. 

Eric Johnson

The retired NFL player is enjoying the company of his partner Jessica. Though Jessica doesn't sing much now but she has tons of money in her pocket.

Gabriel Aubry

The couple got married in 2005 and soon after two years, they filed the divorce paper in October. Gabriel did sue Halle for a large sum of money.

Raffaello Follieri

After being together for four years Anne broke up with Raffaello because of his arrest due to fleecing investors by posing as the Vatican's point man on the real estate investing. 

David Furnish

The famous gay couple David Furnish and Sir Elton John came together in 1993. Though they madly love each other but one definitely can't ignore Sir Elton's wealth and property.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand was married to Katy Perry for just 14 months. He called his marriage vapid and vacuous and admits he didn't think their marriage would last longer. After divorce, he received half of Katy's $44 million.

Rene Elizondo

This relationship proved to be a jackpot for Rene as after a relation of eight years, he took a divorce from Janet Jackson and went with $10 million in his account. Quite clearly he chose money over love.You might also like: Celebrities, Then and Now