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15 Insane Facts That Everyone Believes To Be True

Most of us tend to believe what we read on the internet or hear. What we fail to realize is that this world is full of insane beliefs and thoughts that get circulated through the medium of internet. We fall prey to bullshit facts without even trying to find out their authenticity.Here are some such facts that almost everyone has believed to be true but they, in fact, are baseless. It's time to get your knowledge base revamped....

1. We use just 10% of our brain.

We utilize the entire part of our brain almost everyday but it depends on what task are you involved in, at a given point of time, that determines the proportion of your brain being actively used.

2. Alcohol kills brain cells.

Some good news for my alcoholic friends. Even a hardcore alcoholic has live brain cells. Too much consumption of alcohol can at the most damage the brain cells but it lacks the super power to kill them. 

3. Bats are blind.

Bats are amazing creatures and contrary to the belief, they can see very well. Besides, they also use echolocation to move around. How I wish I was a bat!

4. Vaccines cause autism.

This bullshit fact is a result of manipulated data gathered from fraudulent research. 

5. Bulls hate red.

Bulls are color-blind to red and green. However, the motion of the cape that the matador makes is perceived as a threat by the sturdy animals, causing them to get furious and attack as an instinct reaction. 

6. Chameleons change color to disguise.

These incredible creatures are known to change colors as per their surroundings and we have been told that they do so to camouflage or disguise themselves. The fact is that they change their colors in order to communicate with other chameleons. 

7. Fingernails and hair continue to grow even after death.

This is another bullshit fact that we have been believing all these years. The reality is that the skin tends to recede after death, which in turn gives the appearance of longer nails. 

8. Humans and dinosaurs co-existed.

Those who have seen 'Jurassic Park' and its sequels might have gauged by now that it is almost impossible to have humans and dinosaurs share the same planet. Though 41% of adults in the U.S. believe this theory, the truth is that we missed each other by a whopping 64 million years. 

9. Dogs sweat through their tongue.

Dogs regulate their body temperature through panting but they don't sweat through this activity i.e. they don't sweat through their tongues. It is their footpads that they sweat from. 

10. All our fingernails grow at the same rate.

Did you know it is the blood flow that stimulates our nail growth? Hence, it is your dominant hand that sees a faster nail growth as compared to the other hand. 

11. The Great Wall of China is visible from space.

Here comes another interesting thing that has fooled us since humans stepped into space. The Great Wall of China is not seen from space! In fact, no man-made structure is visible from there. 

Maximum heat is lost through our head.

Our entire body loses an equal amount of heat from every part unless your head is the only part that is left uncovered in your body. However, this fact stands true in the case of infants. 

Shaving causes the hair to grow back thicker, coarser, and harder.

Shaving causes your hair to regrow with blunt tips making them appear darker, coarser, and thicker. Otherwise, it doesn't actually deteriorate the hair quality. 

Too much sugar causes hyperactivity in children.

Studies have disproved that sugar has any role in making a child hyperactive. Similarly, sugar-free diets do not ensure calm and poised children. 

Different parts of the tongue have different taste buds.

Moving towards the end of this enlightening article, let me tell you that your tongue is not divided into different sections of taste glands. Every part of your tongue can sense the same taste!Do not continue to stay ignorant! Share it with all your friends for a smarter and more educated world.