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10 Animal Facts You Probably Didn't Know

World is a home full of hidden facts. We are still oblivious of many facts about the major species of the world.Specifically speaking about animals, their body varies differently from one species to another! Humans try to explore as many facts, as possible! Animals are the major part of the earth. You all must be watching these animals either in your daily life or on Discovery and National Geographic channels. But surely you must have never known these amazing facts about animals. These pictures and facts about animals will surely boggle your mind! 

#1. Timeless alligators 

100 long years! Two generations of human grow up and die in this period. But the alligators are still alive to make their water pond a scary place to visit for other animals. 

#2. Fruit flies are more fruitful

Fruit flies prove to be more manly than man! Can you ever imagine that a 1.5 mm long fly has sperms longer than man! 

#3. Puppies! The feminists

Male puppies let the female puppies win while playing, even though they are more well physically. Dogs are not only best friend of humans but are the real gentlemen. They support their females and let them win! 

#4. Squirrels! The planet earth savers

Their lapse of memory is making the earth planet a better place to live. They are the contributors in saving the planet from pollution. This gives us a thought that god has created every creature finely to maintain the balance.

#5. Crocodiles, the non tongue twisters!

The unfortunate crocs can't even move their tongue! They engulf their prey beacause of the locked tongue. The crocs might cry out their brimming tears beacause of their misfortune.  

#6. Flamingos, the flexibles

The long-legged animal twists its knees backward and sits easily.They just have to bend their knees backward and see anything behind them. 

#7. Tigers, the striders

Tigers are the most patient predators, they do not simply jump up to their prey. Tigers observe the movement, speed and the conduct of their prey. Finally, when they find the best timing to grab it, they jump up. They can match the speed and distance covered by their prey along and finally enjoy the treat!

#8. Giraffes are the real savage!

They are the winners in the long run! They look so calm, quiet and pleasing. But perceptions might be deceiving at times. They can run faster than the horses and are better sunblocker than the camels. 

#9. Koalas! The power nap believers.

Who hates sleeping? Even humans crave for sleeping. Koalas are like human kids. Kids generally hold their teddy bears and sleep for a longer time than the adults while the koalas look like a teddy and get tucked with trees and sleep for 18 long hours.

#10. Tree frogs, the summer lovers

The tree frogs are so tiny and flexible that they freeze during winters! But at the arrival of summer, they jump out to scare away flies.