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After Rahul Gandhi, Now Vijay Mallya's Twitter Account Hacked!

It seems Vijay Mallya's Twitter account has been hacked by the same group that targetted Congress's Twitter account. Already in trouble, Vijay Mallya has fallen prey to another problem. The liquor baron's Twitter handles have been taken over and not only his personal details but also bank details have been found to be posted. There are claims by a group called Legion, to be behind this deed. We hope that Legion, which means 'in great number', does not perform these ground-breaking hacks in great number!Read on to discover some of the tweets on Mallya's hacked account. Also, the group claims that this is done in public interest, and looks forward to more. Time to be cautious, if you have an envious bank balance. 

Brave Legions!

We hope Mallya fixes this, and also his messed up life!

Is Legion going to be the mask-lifter in near future? Let's expect some more breakthroughs.

Mallya is in deep tension. We hope he figures a way out ASAP.

The tycoon left the country on March 3, 2016 and is believed to be in Britain now. Moreover, his passport has been revoked by the Indian government. 

Reports are doing the rounds that the group has revealed that Mallya owes...

More than Rs. 9,000 crores to lenders like SBI, PNB, IDBI Bank, Bob, Allahabad Bank, Federal Bank and Axis Bank, among others. Whoa! That's a whopping amount!

Have a look at some of the random investments of Mallya

Some more... Can't stop gazing at the figures!

Another sheet of details for you.

Now this will make you say WTH! Not able to shift your gaze?