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11 Celebrities Who've Made This World A Better Place To Live In 

Just like Uncle Ben said to Peter, "With great power comes great responsibility," likewise, with great fame comes great responsibility. Power, fame, and money have worth only if they are used for the betterment of this world. Many parts of our earth are in danger, many people are fighting against odds to survive, women are still struggling for their freedom and many species in our biosphere are close to extinction. Therefore, seeing the present scenario, some helpful souls have taken huge steps to help the ones in need.These helpful souls are none other than the people that we desire to become someday. Here is the list of those famous and renowned celebrities who are not only known for their glamorous lifestyle and work but also have understood their responsibilities for the betterment of humankind.Also read: David Beckham's Breathtaking... 

1. Leonardo DiCaprio (UN Messenger of Peace):

The United Nation's Messenger of Peace and Academy award winner, Leonardo DiCaprio has always tried to nurture the bond between human and nature. He has worked as an activist to make people aware of the dangers that are gulping our environment. Also, recently he produced a movie Before the Flood that described the instability of our ecosystem and mainly oceans.Leo's views on his production, "It’s the Wild West on the high seas. These last remaining underwater bio gems are being destroyed because there isn’t proper enforcement or sufficient cooperation among governments to protect them."

2. Matt Damon:

Matt Damon has got a real good will for helping. He is one of those, who do as they say. Matt has actively worked in the water-deprived regions of Africa, he has fought against AIDS and poverty in the less developed countries and has mopped away hunger by providing food to the needy in America and Canada.In words of Matt, "More people have a mobile phone than a toilet. Let’s cut the sh*t."

3. Rihanna (Clara Lionel foundation):

Four years ago Rihanna started a foundation named Clara-Lionel foundation (named after her grandparents). This initiative by the RNB star reaches out to the masses and helps the people with HIV/AIDS. Turns out she is really interested in - work, work, work, work!! Her views on her foundation, "It’s as simple as this: one day, you could be the one in need. Your kids, your kids’ kids, your loved ones, nobody is exempt from disease and poverty. You just never know. But we will fight for you the same way."

4. Lupita Nyong'o

The Oscar-winning Kenyan actor drove the media attention towards the poaching and ivory trade in China resulting in various movements to save the species on a large scale. She said "I am proud of my Kenyan heritage, and part of that heritage is the incredible wildlife haven that is in our care. Poaching steals from us all."

5. Jennifer Aniston (Cancer Awareness Program):

In 2011, the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. star came up with a movie named Five. The movie told the story of five different women struggling with how breast cancer affected their lives. Also, she promoted the cause for St. Jude's Children's Hospital and the charity Stand Up to Cancer.Aniston on her movie said, "Our goals are small. We want these films to move people and empower those affected by breast cancer to stand tall through this challenge, which impacts all of our lives, no matter who we are." 

6. Ben Affleck (Eastern Congo Initiative):

The phenomenal actor who has stunned the world with his acting performances has also won the hearts of people of the Democratic Republic of Congo. In 2010, Ben Affleck started the Eastern Congo Initiative which has helped the citizens of Congo from reintegrating child soldiers into their communities to helping find housing for survivors of sexual violence.In Ben's words, "Despite the many challenges, the Congolese people refused to be defined by their country's past and in spite of those who may question the effectiveness of our foreign assistance I can tell you firsthand that U.S. diplomatic and financial investments in Congo are working."

7. Angelina Jolie (High Commissioner UNHCR):

This actor is not only a fine performer but also a fine serving humanitarian. Her extensive work in the middle eastern countries like Iraq and Syria has also earned her the post of High Commissioner of the group by UNHCR. On her work, she says, "It is not enough to defend our values at home. We have to defend them here, in the camps and in the informal settlements across the Middle East, and in the ruined towns of Iraq and Syria."

8. George Clooney (Satellite Sentinel Project):

This sharp-faced actor who has been voted as "The Sexiest Man on Earth" uses most of his profits from commercials to fund the Satellite Sentinel project that keeps a watch over the border between Sudan and South Sudan.Talking about his views on the project, Clooney says, "[Omar al-Bashir] puts out a statement saying that I’m spying on him and how would I like it if a camera was following me everywhere I went and I go ‘well welcome to my life Mr. War Criminal’. I want the war criminal to have the same amount of attention that I get. I think that’s fair."

9. Miley Cyrus (Happy Hippie Foundation):

No doubt she tops the controversy charts but this girl established a center for homeless youth in marginalized populations, offering not only a physical safe space in Los Angeles but also an online community to answer questions. This happened because Miley understood that this population is way more likely to be kicked out of their homes by their parents even before they turn 18 years old.On this scenario her views are as follows, "We started a year ago with Jesse and we were focused on the homeless youth in L.A. and different support groups in San Francisco. Now, we’re going bigger and wanting to take on America. And by the end of it, we’re going to be taking on the world."

10. Mark Ruffalo:

Renownedly known as the Hulk, Mark Ruffalo has been very active and has initiated many moments to inform the uninformed about the climate change and global warming issues.In his appeal to people, Mark said, "I'm asking each of you at some point or another to act up. Be misbehaved. Buck the system. Fight for what you believe in. This is the time to do it; you’re the ones to do it."

11. Emma Watson (HeForShe):

The star from the Harry Potter series was appointed as the UN Women Goodwill ambassador in 2014 and she stood well on the position. Using her platform to call for the inclusion of women in more political, scientific, and social spaces. Emma makes us hopeful for the future by her statement, "Our society, in general, devalues the 'she' – qualities that are associated with the feminine that are found in all of us. As a result, there’s this imbalance and this distortion and it’s hindering our progress."