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Challenge For You: Solve These Tricky Puzzles And Prove That You're The Smartest

I bet you are not!


We all love solving puzzles. Sometimes they are easy to resolve in a moment and the other times, they get very complicated to answer.  This time, I have brought to you some mind-boggling brain-teasers which are mopping the internet.It may look like the sort of things you would find in a kid's puzzle book, but these diabolically tricky puzzles are creating fuss among the people since it was posted.Are you smart enough to pass this test? Let's check it out!


Spot the letter 'b' among the ds:

In this puzzle, for each level, there are three cases filled with numerous rows of the letter d with just one of them bearing the scoundrel 'b'.

There it is! 

Users were mystified after being challenged to solve this puzzle in quick time. With the lowercase letters looking almost indistinguishable to each other, the 'b' is deceptively tricky to spot.


Can you find out 'b' in this?

On each level, there is more ds than earlier, making the odd letter out frequently challenging to spot.

Did you spot it?


Getting arduous?

With the each new level, every box contains the different number of characters, making it more confusing.

Now, it is taking little longer to spot.


It's tougher, so look closer:

Feeling like 'dizzy' eyes? So am I!


Congrats you are on level #5

You have to be extremely patient to succeed.

Getting smaller and denser.

Taking longer time...

Waiting for the end? Then it's not the last!

Did you spot it?

The final level!

And, yayy! You did it!

Spot the snake in the herd of Giraffe.

In this puzzle, it checks how fast you can spot the reptile, which is the same colour as the giraffes.

Found the sneaky snake?

Earlier, it might sound like an easy task, but this snake is smart at hiding than you think.

Find the satanic elf hiding among the snow-capped evergreen forest, under a starry night sky.

As now December is upon us, with a flurry of Christmas, this teaser will boggle your eyes.

There he is!

Spot 25 festive films references in the picture.

This Christmas puzzle went viral on the internet, challenged users to find all 25 festive films from the image.And, only eagle-eyed viewers would find them all.  

How many did you find? Mine, only 12! 

While some of the movies like, Home Alone, Batman Returns, were easy to spot, but only the super fans could spot the rest.

Spot the robin.

With the winter vacations around the corner, what would be the better way to get into the festive mood than with an eye-boggling Christmas-themed puzzle?

Robin revealed!

Find a bucket and spade.

This trickiest puzzle has a bucket and spade masking among a sea of winter clothes. Try to spot it! 

Seems like an impossible puzzle?

The jumpers neckline looked exceptionally similar to the bucket handle, and the same color of the items in the image made them difficult to spot. 

Yayy or Nayy?

So, how much you scored in these tricky puzzles? Tell us my leaving your comments. And, don't forget to share this story with your friends and family.