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Saloni Chopra's Powerful Photo Story Is A Mirror To The Double Standard Indian Society 

"I would have written of me on my stone: I had a lover's quarrel with the world."In a country where people don't understand feminism, disagree about everything, make sure to drag others down and point fingers, the MTV actress, Saloni Chopra is a whiff of a sweet storm. Showing light to the stereotypes and bringing them down one by one, the TV star is breaking all stereotypes.Girls usually hide their fears; they don't talk about sexuality, slut-shaming or even rape. I do that too, a lot of time. And I am one of those Indian girls who gets inspired by a lady who's just like me, speaking her mind out aloud about physical and verbal abuse, lies and shaming that most Indian women go through. When I came across redheadwayfarer, her pictures were refreshing; they reflected the pain women face in our country and yet chose to stay silent. They are symbolic and portray all that she wishes to convey. With a lot of women coming out of the covers and talking about their choices, she proves to be praiseworthy. Not to forget she is also a part of Free The Nipple movement. Have a look at her pictures that reveal all the stories right from her heart

Yes, the very man! 

Love story: I know it all.

Sincerely, who asked you? 

Who are you to tell me? 

And are you sane to be lurking around sexy Instagram feeds? 

What if I take a night out with guys? That is a problem. Isn't it? 

Why should one change? 

Everytime! That poor heart. HUH! Not anymore. 

There is a lot. Give them your hand. 

Why are we constantly asking a girl to change or do things according to you and the society?

To all the girls out there- Be crass, be rude, be whatever the hell you want to. You only live once, and it is only you who knows what to do best for yourself. Never, ever cross your legs and die. Instead #fuckthatshit #growup #beyou.