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Reasons Why Obama Is The Classiest US President Ever

Obama era in the US politics is coming to an end. Just a short while and the US is done with one of its most popular presidents. It's only when we lose something that we realize the real beauty of what we had.So now that Mr Obama is ready to leave the office, we now remember some of the best appearances he had with the citizens. There are a lot of instances that prove that the man was the sassiest president ever for the nation.Let's have a look at why the world loves Obama so much.P.S. The article was originally created in 2016, November.

He is humble, even for protestors.

In North Carolina, a supporter of Trump posed an aggressive verbal interruption. The protester apparently was an ex-army man. Obama stepped in when the man was booed and chanted by the crowd.Obama went ahead to say the class he is. He said "First of all — hold up. We live in a country that respects free speech. Second, of all, it looks like maybe he might have served in our military and we gotta respect that. Third of all, he is elderly, and we gotta respect our elders. And fourth of all, don't boo. Vote."

He is a male feminist.

Mr President was among the speakers at the first ever United State of Women Summit. Obama without any hesitation declared himself a feminist when he spoke."I know you're here to see Michelle, or Oprah. I cannot compete with them. But I did want to stop by and make one thing very clear. I may be a little greyer than I was eight years ago, but this is what a feminist looks like."

He has that classy wit.

Mr Obama is one hell of a speaker, even the opponents would listen to him without any fuss. Not only that, he has a killer wit to have you glued. His several speeches at The White House Correspondents Dinner make us smile a lot. At one such speech, he ended the meal with a memorable act. The Mic Drop.

He never planned any wall.

Obama is a world leader. He never endorsed hatred based on race and boundaries. This character of his was highlighted in an incident when a Syrian refugee after losing his family approached Michigan. The man was fighting cancer and still believed he could make a difference to the world. Obama welcomed the refugee from the President's Verified Facebook Page by commenting on his photo.

His attachment to his kingdom.

Obama attended the funeral of a victim of the mass shooting at a South Carolina Church. He spoke beautifully for half an hour and broke into a rendition that made the whole room stand. He sang "Amazing Grace."

He is the common man's hero.

The amazing Obama never failed to make common people feel that he is one of them. He admits his mistakes and shares his experiences. He has no hesitation in expressing his emotions live.He respects his family and even talks about his wife and daughters in front of people. He even cracked a dad joke when asked about his daughters. This president is an ordinary American.We are yet to see how Trump is going to serve the US. But, what we know is that a great, humble, and dignified US president is leaving the office in next few days. The US had an awesome decade.