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Brad Pitt Looking For Love After Gruesome Divorce With Angie  

Brad Pitt has faced his share of drama during his divorce with Angie, but new reports suggest that he might be ready to move on. No, he doesn't want to get into a relationship just yet, but he knows his plans. Brad Pitt admitted that he was attracted to Angelina Jolie because of her darkness and mysterious personality. That's exactly what Brad doesn't want to get involved in anymore.Read also- Brad Pitt Struggles To Move On After Divorce 

Brad is going through a lot with his divorce. 

He had a troubled marriage with Angie before the couple publically declared information on the divorce.  

But he is ready to move on. 

He doesn't want to be in a relationship just yet, but he has future plans for his life. 

He doesn't want any more of the drama. 

He was into Angie because of her darkness, but after this terrible divorce, he wants to make a fresh start. 

Brad doesn't want to waste time on any of this. 

He wants to look for light and positivity in his life. He wants to be with someone exactly opposite to Angelina Jolie so that he can be happy. 

He might also have his eye on someone. 

Brad is looking for someone who is completely different from Angie and he might have found someone. 

Is Kate Hudson the one? 

Reports suggest that he might be involved with blonde beauty, Kate Hudson. 

She's completely opposite to Angie. 

She might be nothing like Angie and probably exactly what Brad needs right now. 

Brad is still hurting over the divorce. 

Recently, he didn't get invited by Angie to spend time with his kids on Thanksgiving.