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Connect With Nature From Your Own Bubble Tent

If you’ve always longed to further embellish your outdoor camping experience, then long no more. The transparent bubble tent will very much so provide a bubbly and fun experience for you. Allow the natural splendor of your camp surroundings enter into your world, while you stay protected within a waterproof and fully inflatable tent.

A transparent bubble tent erected outdoors.

As you can see, this modern ingenuity is not only fun and quirky but also aesthetically appreciating. The transparency is indeed an intrusion of your privacy, but you may decide to choose a location where you feel comfortable and remote, to enjoy the natural orders of life around you.

It's awesome!

Being inescapable to fire, made with PVC pipe and tarp, the bubble tent will tick all the boxes for safety and security, while out in the wild.However, the tent needs to be connected to a pump at all times and thus in need of electricity, while it is in use.

Priceless experience!

Sold at The Fansy, this mobile spectacle houses 2 people with a price of $2000. Don’t let the price put you off, for we can all agree to the fact that true experiences are priceless.