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23 Powerful Photos From The Past

History has a habit of repeating itself, is what we often hear by our elders. Though there have been instances in the past which none of the elders or the current generation would want to be repeated like World War. Still, with the nuclear developments and all the strategies made by the nations worldwide, it does seem so that the world is on the brink of World War III. But revisiting the past to learn from the mistakes made then can be helpful in knowing what we should do in order to avert some incidents of the past. And, some can even refresh the good times the human race has seen.  These Unseen historical pictures take you 100 years back. Now, you can imagine how we will be after 100 years. These pictures take you to the golden era of history, but does history have only glorious moments? No, it also shows the darkest side too.

1. In 1961, Construction of The Berlin Wall

The following compilation also comprises of the massive constructions made in history with the little availability of technology and machines at the time. It also shows acts which are illegal today in the eyes of the law were once openly done by people. Whether it be testing a bulletproof jacket worn by an individual or a 106-year-old lady holding a gun.

2. People posing next to the Statue of Liberty's face.

3. A woman taking her baby for a stroll in a gas-resistant baby carriage.

4. Fuzzy ducklings being used as therapy for children.

5. A brave man testing out a new bulletproof vest.

6. A picture of the young Charlie Chaplin.

7. In 1990, a 106-year-old Armenian woman guards her house with an automatic weapon.

8. Annie Edson Taylor, who was the first survivor going over Niagara Falls in a barrel in 1901.

9. This circus hippo pulling a cart.

10. Annette Kellermann promoting a woman's right to wear a fitted, one-piece bathing suit in 1907. She was later arrested for indecency.

11. This picture of the Hindenburg as it crashed.

12. In 1930, these baby cages were used in apartments to make sure the child got enough fresh air and sunlight.

13. In 1963, a picture of the original Ronald McDonald.

14. The Disneyland employee cafeteria, 1961.

15. During the battle of Saipan ca 1944, a soldier shares his banana with a goat.

16. This little girl sits with her doll in the ruins of her London home that was bombed in 1940.

17. This chimp poses for a picture after his successful mission to space, 1961.

18. The original Winnie-the-Pooh and Christopher Robin from 1927.

19. A hotel owner pouring acid in a pool while a black family swam in it, 1964.

20. Walter Yeo, first people to undergo a skin transplant and advanced plastic surgery in 1917.