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Powerful Pictures Of A Woman Depict The Brutality Of Domestic Violence

Violence, in all forms, is unacceptable. And when we talk about domestic violence, it is the most serious and pernicious one. It ruins relationships, lives, and has a lasting impact. Domestic violence is a choice; it is all about power and control and not love.Violence against women is not a new thing. One in every four women experiences domestic violence at one or the other point in her life, and she has to bear the burns of domestic, public, physical as well as mental violence against her.The most sensitive topic of 'DomesticViolence' cannot be overlooked. And to throw the light on this, a woman shares her touching pictures and reveals the brutal reality of domestic violence. Read also: Hollywood celebrities who were once victim of domestic violence

Meet Ebony Malika, the brave woman.

21-year-old makeup artist, from New Orleans, has conveyed her experience as a domestic violence victim with the help of powerful pictures.

Malika was in a two-year-old relationship.

During her relationship, she was subjected to physical and mental assault by her partner.

Love is blind, truly given. 

Malika was so into her partner. She said, "I loved that person very much, honestly more than myself at one point. And that’s exactly where I went wrong."

She made herself 'used to' of those argues and fights.

She took the violence normally in the beginning.

She said...

"I didn’t have the understanding that if something is clearly and obviously unhealthy for us, we have to let it go no matter how much you love the person. The worst part about that relationship was the mental abuse that I was encountering. It really took a toll on my life, from school to my relationships with the people around me."

She realised that she needed to escape from the relationship.

She was physically abused. She was losing her identity. Though it was difficult for her but she knew that she needed to move on.And now, she shares her experience to spread awareness among everybody.

Malika is now a voice that spreads awareness and encouragement on behalf of millions of victims.

She shared her personal experience along with experiences of others in her powerful project. People have been thanking her for her project and brave step.

Malika said...

"Although it saddened me, the responses made me feel good as well. I’m thankful for the people that weren’t afraid to be heard."

The pictures have since been liked, viewed and shared thousand of times.

Malika wants people to understand that they are not alone and women are way too powerful than anyone thinks.

Malika is receiving worldwide support and she is happy.

She is elated and happy to see her mission being accomplished.People who have been through domestic violence are truly the bravest of all. They deserve a grand salute.Share your views with us.