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Mallika Sherawat Tear Gassed And Beaten Up In Her Paris Apartment  

Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat was tear gassed and beaten up by 3 masked intruders in her apartment at 9.30 pm last Friday. Police officials are suspecting that the attack was carried out with the intention of robbery.Last month Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint in a neighboring flat in Paris. At the time of the robbery, Mallika was accompanied by her boyfriend French businessman Cyrille Auxenfans at her residential building in the upmarket 16th arrondissement of Paris.Read on to know how the Bollywood actress escaped from the attack.Recommended story: Kim Kardashian held at gunpoint in Paris Fashion Week

Intruders with their faces covered with scarves entered Mallika’s apartment at night last Friday. 

They sprayed tear gas on Mallika Sherawat and her boyfriend Cyrille Auxenfans and began beating them. 

Later, they ran away and the victims called the emergency services immediately. 

A criminal investigation has been launched against masked intruders by detectives and police officials in Paris. 

The attack on Mallika shortly occurred after a similar attack on Kim Kardashian in Paris Fashion Week.

Last month, five robbers held the Hollywood sensation Kim Kardashian on gunpoint and robbed away millions of pounds of jewels from her. 

The attack on Mallika took place near to the location of gunpoint robbery of Kim Kardashian. 

Fortunately, Mallika Sherawat and her boyfriend suffered just a few minor injuries and recovered from the attack. 

However, no items were stolen from Mallika's Paris apartment.

Investigators are trying to find out the motive behind the violent attack on Mallika and her boyfriend Cyrille Auxenfans. A police spokesperson explained, “A full investigation to find the assailants is underway.” 

It is not Mallika’s first encounter with intruders. 

She suffered minor injuries.

Mallika is a bold feminist who keeps expressing her views on social freedom and independence of women. 

She spoke about honor killings and gang rapes occurring in India many times at Hollywood events.

Detectives are suggesting that the violent attack on Mallika was a case of attempted robbery. 

Violent attacks have become common in Paris since November 2015. 

Terror attacks have led to a sharp drop in the footfalls of tourists in the French city.