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Did This Indian Businessman Surrender Rs 6,000 Crore To The Government?

The decision of demonetization by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, although amazing when it comes to dealing with black money, has messed up the condition of common men in the country. People were unable to get sufficient time to process the higher denomination bank notes of 500 and 1000 into notes of 100s and others. During this mayhem, it came out from an unverified source that an Indian businessman surrendered ₹6,000 crore in cash to the government.Let's find out if it's true or not.Recommended story: #BlackMoney: India's crazy take on Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes ban

PM Modi banned ₹500 and ₹1,000 notes for transactions in India past week. 

He took this path-breaking decision to expose the black money in the country with an aim to vanish corruption. 

But his decision affected the life of common men in India.

Common people are standing in long queues of banks to either exchange or deposit their hard earned cash. 

Some people are struggling to arrange for urgent cash for marriages. 

A bride was also seen standing in the queue of bank to get cash. On a serious note, even patients had to face problems.

Majority of people are unhappy with the masterstroke decision of PM Modi. 

However, his decision has actually helping in exposing the black money holders of the country. 

Bags full of ₹500 and ₹1,000 notes have been found in various parts of India.

Black money holders were unable to turn their cash into white money as the cash limit for one transaction at the bank is only ₹4,000 for now. 

The decision by PM Modi helped in converting black money useless overnight. 

Recently, a businessman from Surat, Gujarat was claimed to have surrendered an exorbitant amount of ₹6,000 crore in cash to the government.   

This businessman is said to be a famous diamond merchant and builder of Surat Laljibhai Patel.  

Laljibhai Patel has donated a lot of money to charities and social causes over the past years. 

He earned popularity after purchasing PM Modi’s suit-jacket with his name embroidered on it. 

It is a very large amount if the claim gets proven.

In February, Laljibhai Patel fetched the attention of media by donating ₹200 crores for educating the girl child in the country. 

But the truth is finally revealed

A news published in a column of a trustable Indian daily, Dainik Bhaskar, had in it something surprising.