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12 Silly Statements Every Unmarried Indian Girl In Her 30's Has To Face

Yo, we heard ya, girls! We completely understand that being unmarried after you cross 30 is a nightmare every Indian woman experiences. Girls in India are expected to settle (in marriage) before they hit that 30-year-old mark and in case you have gone against that norm for whatever reason, you become the pet project of every aunt. Women in their 30's are grilled and tortured with some of the silliest questions possible. Your decision to enjoy the spinsterhood for a few more years starts to take a toll on you when you find yourself flooded with unnecessary concerns sprouting from your aunts. We feel you, woman! And to offer our sympathies, we have compiled a list of such silly statements/questions thrown at every unmarried Indian girl in her 30's. To make the situation a little easy to handle, we have also come up with witty (and mostly silent) reactions by the unmarried lot.If you are bold enough and tired of all these interrogative sessions, you may want to use these one-liners (aloud) to your defense. 

Do you have a bf? I can convince your parents about him if you want.

How sweet of you to offer your prowess in dealing with love matters. I am sure my parents love you more than me and will accept my bf (if any) in the family just for you.  

Tees ki ho chuki hai....jawaani dhalne lagi hai. Ladke milna mushkil ho jayega...

Ladke to abhi bhi line mai khade hai aunty...aap tension mat lo. 

Aur late karegi to sirf divorcees hi milenge..soch le

Divorcees are also men in my view....and experienced at handling a marriage too. *winks*

Itni lambi zindgi akele nahi bitayi ja sakti. Budhape mai koi to sahara chahiye na...

Kya! Kya!!! Kya!!!! That's my eureka moment!

Pata hai log kya sochenge!

Ab wo bhi mai hi sochu ki log kya sochenge?

Shadi se koi problem hai kya tujhe?

Aapko mera dimaag ka dahi na karne mai koi problem hai kya?

Shadi kar le fir sab theek ho jayega.

Waah aunty waah! Aap to abhi tak theek nahi hui, aaj bhi logo ko pareshan karti rehti hai. 

Tu kahe to matrimonial site pe daal du tera profile?

OMG! How will I ever be able to thank you for this amazing offer? You are my savior!

Mrs. Gupta ka bhanja London se aa raha hai next week. Kahe to baat chalau teri?

Haa kyu nahi...ye to mera bachpan ka sapna tha ki koi NRI se shadi ho jaye meri aur mai uske saath ek paraye desh jaake rahu. Mai khud se ye kaam kabhi nahi kar sakti na..

Jitna late karegi utna hi fir conceive karne mai problem aayegi...

Oh I see, isliye aapne jaldi shadi ki thi kya? 

Pata nahi tum logo ki generation kuch samajhti kyu nahi hai!

Hamari generation bahot achhe se samajhti hai ki one should not rush into marriage. Examples of marital errors are abound in our society. 

Arey apna nahi to apne bhai beheno ke baare mai to soch. Unki shadi mai kyu rukawat paida kar rahi hai?

I really don't understand how my bhai-behen ki shadi is dependent on me! I'll need to do some research on this. Till then, thank you and tada....